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Oh those funny gun lovers . . .

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On page 2 of this thread:,1301767.225.html   vincent p b attacked his first poster by calling him a "wreck" of a human being.   This page here (16) has several personal attacks from vincent p b on multiple posters including calling my post "stupid" because I made an innocent comment that there are many ways for people to kill people and that banning guns was not going to stop lunatics.   There are dozens of attacks by vincent p b in that thread alone.

The it's not me it's them crap is old.

Seems the vinegar beats the honey :-)

Can't say I am shocked:

Tampa's gun buy backs was largely funded by charity (donated sports tickets) and collected more than 2,600 guns including the types of gun "we want off the street":

Garen Wintemute, a University of California-Davis professor who has studied the impact of gun buyback programs, said collecting more than 2,000 firearms in a day is a tremendous success.

"I'm used to hearing numbers of 200 or 300 guns taken," said Wintemute, director of UC Davis' Violence Prevention Research Program. "But (2,665) guns is a lot. Whew. That's a lot."

Gun buybacks historically are not effective in reducing crime, Wintemute said.

"It removes only a small percentage, and the programs tend to remove guns that are not frequently used by criminals, such as hunting rifles," he said.

But times are changing, he said.

Agencies are now offering incentives such as cash and tickets to events which have prompted people to turn in a wider array of weaponry, such as assault rifles, he said.

"Guns that are coming into buybacks are different these days," Wintemute said. "They actually look like guns that could be used in crimes. These are the weapons we want off the street."

Chronister said the sheriff's gun swap was "not done as a crime-reduction initiative."

"It's a community service," he said. "If it prevents one unsecured firearm from being out on the street, then that's an extra benefit."

Wintemute said the response to the gun buyback also has a more symbolic meaning.

The 2,665 guns collected "is your community standing up and saying we've had enough," Wintemute said. "It says Tampa's tolerance for firearm violence is decreasing."

AND . .  like most gun buybacks, there were "protesters"  trying to prevent people from voluntarily turning in their guns.

gun buybacks are not the solution, but one of many things that can help, so why "protest"?

I have posted numerous examples illustrating that there are TOO MANY GUNS in this country.  One of the responses from the pro-gun crowd has been that all these guns are needed in case our government turns against us.  Tom Brokaw thinks that is crazy:

Can anyone prove him wrong by posting a RECENT example of the government taking some action that would require a heavily-armed citizenry to stop? Not some hypothetical, attenuated b.s. but a real concrete example of the federal government taking some action that could've been prevented solely by force or that shows that massive arsenals of privately-owned weapons will soon be needed for use against our own government?


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