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How Long will Warren Sapp Await Buccaneer Company in the Hall of Fame ?

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--- Quote from: TheAman on February 09, 2013, 02:55:10 PM ---Dungy is going to wait.  Bill Parcells waited 4 years.  Dungy will wait at least 3, and the only reason he has a chance to get in that early is that he's so beloved by everyone.  Brooks will be close.  I think he gets in first ballot, but only if no contributors (Tagliabue/Modell) get in.  If one of those two do get in, Brooks might have to wait an extra year.  Strahan is a 100% lock for next year, as is one receiver (either Harrison or Reed), I think Bettis gets in though he really doesn't deserve it.  And history has shown that if need be, they will force a player who has been waiting for a while in (likely Haley).  They won't have every player inducted be someone who has only been waiting a year or two.  So, that leaves one spot for either Brooks or a contributor.

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If Brooks get passed over for anyone, its a traveshamockery


--- Quote from: Hate on February 09, 2013, 02:33:11 PM ---are you stating that Brooks is the greatest LB to ever play the game?

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He's the greatest I've ever personally witnessed at doing what the Bucs asked of him. It's hard to compare what he did to linebackers that attacked the line of scrimmage and got after the QB. They're really only the same position in name.


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