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How Long will Warren Sapp Await Buccaneer Company in the Hall of Fame ?

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Dungy's playoff record could prevent him from being a first ballot guy. Guy only had 1 losing season in 13 years, but his playoff record is awful.

I don't see the whiteys getting in either!
Lynch  Alstott

Brooks, 1st ballot
Ronde, 1st ballot

Dungy, who cares (no, not soon)

Brooks deserves first ballot more than Sapp. I love Ronde, but if he retires now he'll be lucky to get in, much less first ballot. Tough competition at DB.

Dolorous Jason:
Dungy only has 1 title . Only reason he's even being considered as a 1st ballot coach is the whole "1st black guy to win it " thing. Racial issues should have no bearing , IMO.


--- Quote from: BucsBay on February 08, 2013, 06:33:22 PM ---Brooks deserves first ballot more than Sapp.

--- End quote ---

Based on what?


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