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anyone paying attention today?  i dont keep up much until today, tomorrow.  but its always a fun fix for CFB offseason.

somethings in the water in oxford.  lets just hope its personality.

ole miss is the new SMU. they will get theirs very quickly. you dont have a season like that and recruit on a Bama level. they got one of our OL commits 3 weeks before NSD and he visited them once after being commited for almost 2 years. does anyone really believe that all of a sudden a garbage program like Ole Miss can recruit with the likes of bama, UF, FSU etc?

i dont.  if needeechee would have been public months ago recruiting for ole miss?  then possibly.  but this is waaaaaay too much imo.

as for FSU, i heard they were in trouble but as usual, finishing with ramsey/bryant/thomas is very nice.  although FSU seems to have a ton of LB's and athletes as usual, but not much on the OL.

Ole Miss


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