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And If It Were True?

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--- Quote from: RogerGoodellSucks on February 06, 2013, 06:23:07 PM ---I could care less.

--- End quote ---
How much less? 

who the hell cares?

I'd support him no matter what. You all will be right back on the bandwagon next year when he looks like a top tier QB again.

It would dominate the national news cycle for at least 2-3 weeks. Oprah to Barbara Walters to Dr Phil, Costas, Rome, etc...every media outlet, radio, tv, papers and mags will be flocking here for the story. Te'o...Tebow....Armstrong...deer antler spray....none of it comes close to the story that is the first openly gay NFL player. Not sure if everyone understands the magnitude and implications. I'm not saying any of it is bad....I think it would be great for the lgbt community and for gay rights to have someone so prominent in an industry that shuns homosexuality come out. You want national media attention....yeah this would do it....

It's 2013. If people care if he's gay or not probably don't like him, because he's black anyway.


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