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Which Quarterback will the Buccaneers bring in to challenge Josh Freeman ?

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 Which Quarterback will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring in to challenge Josh Freeman?

 February 7, 2013   ∑   

By Eric Schmidt

At the mid-season mark of the 2012 NFL regular season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman looked as if he had finally found his stride. He looked like he was on the cusp of becoming the franchise quarterback that the Buccaneers had hoped that he would become. As the season went on however, Freemanís play on the field regressed. He became jumpy in the pocket when bodies were around him and the turnovers which plagued his season in 2011, returned.
At the conclusion of the 2012 season first-year head coach Greg Schiano told reporters that the Buccaneers plan on bringing in another quarterback to challenge Freeman next season. Dan Orlovsky is currently under contract for the 2013 season but he really is better built as being a backup. So which quarterback do the Buccaneers coaching staff have their eyes on to challenge Freeman next year?
The free agent class at quarterback is considered thin, but there are going to be veterans that have starting experience in the league available. I know many of the Tampa fans have been calling for the team to bring in Alex Smith. Letís clear this up right now, Smith is not coming to Tampa. Tampa has money to spend on the salary cap this offseason, but a lot of that money is going to be thrown on the defensive side of the ball.
Some other names you can probably discount as well. Michael Vick. Matt Flynn. Vick will find a starting job somewhere this season and Flynn has only two career starts in the NFL and couldnít beat out Russell Wilson in training camp and would require a trade.
Then you get to the next layer of players with starting experience. Brady Quinn, Matt Cassel (who is likely to be released), A.J. Feeley. Exciting names.
Jason Campbell is an interesting name. He has 77 starts under his belt. His best season came in 2009 with the Washington Redskins throwing for 3,618 yards and 20 touchdowns.
What about David Garrard? Possibly bring him in for a workout this offseason. He looked good in training camp for the Dolphins this season, but the team decided to move forward with Matt Moore backing up Ryan Tannehill. He has 77 career starts.
Speaking of Matt Moore, he has some intrigue surrounding him. He looked solid for the Dolphins in his starts during the 2011 season. He looked like the possible quarterback of the future of the Carolina Panthers at the end of the 2009 season, but struggled in 2010. Rumors suggest he might be on the New York Jets radar this offseason. I think the Buccaneers might try to make a push for Moore.
Since the Buccaneers have already announced that they have no intentions of extending Freemanís contract as he plays into the final season of his rookie deal, perhaps the Buccaneers simply arenít sold on him under center. After all, this coaching staff didnít draft him.
There might be a darkhorse on the horizon here. Greg Schiano has a relationship with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Could the Buccaneers possibly be eyeing Patriots backup Ryan Mallett? This move would require a trade and most likely a high draft choice. Would the Buccaneers be willing to surrender possibly a third or even second round pick in order to acquire Mallett? Bring him in and let him play one season behind Josh Freeman or perhaps even trade Freeman.
If the Buccaneers decide to move on from Freeman, they will most likely be starting a rookie signal caller in 2014.
Of course, all of this posturing by the Buccaneers coaching staff could be just to get a fire lit under Freeman and get him to reach his potential while becoming more consistent. Either way, the heat is on Freeman for the 2013 season, perhaps he can channel in inner Flacco in the final year of his rookie contract.

The are no FA options. Period. If a replacement/competition is gonna be found, it's gonna be in the draft this year or next year.

Dolorous Jason:
...any free agent QB worth signing will want a chance for a starting job , and everyone knows this is not a legitimate chance. We just have to draft a QB in round 3 - 5.

Agreed, there are no options at QB that can even start to give Freeman a run. I get the competition part and pushing Josh like everyone else to be his best but people pretend like it's easy to find a QB who can legitmately beat out Freeman. We're don't have a David Garrard situation here. Freeman broke many franchise records last year, so essentially he's the best QB in buc history, how many years as this team been a franchise? So that should give you an idea of how easy it will be to find someone better.

If this team really plans on replacing Freeman, they need to use a high first round draft pick which won't happen this year and won't happen next year unless we make a big trade down.

The Franchi5e:
None of these free agents or guys we can trade for can replace Freeman. This draft class is the worst in recent memory for quarterbacks. I can't believe some of you are really campaigning for Teddy Bridgewater next year though. Guy is literally a Freeman clone from when he was in college. Even wears the same number...he's probably a fan of him. Johnny Manziel is the only electrifying, potentially franchise changing quarterback that I see available in the next couple years. But he also comes with a lot of risk because of the type of quarterback he is. He definitely can throw better than Tebow, but he still isn't exactly the best passer in the world. He definitely doesn't have the arm that RG3 has. And he's listed at 6'1 but I'm gonna say he's more along the lines of 6'0. We would also have to completely change our offensive scheme around him and I don't know how he would work with V-Jax and Mike Williams relegated to blocking for 70% of the game. Maybe another quarterback will blow up next college football season that has great size, a great arm and has some mobility to him but until then I don't see a legitimate Freeman replacement.

3rd String Kicker:
If I'm drafting a quarterback, I like the following guys,

Mike Glennon out of NC State, but he'll probably get taken in Round 1. I would consider him at round 2, jump on him if he hits round 3. Didn't really have a good supporting cast at NC State, but did well considering. Big size, 6'5 or 6'6ish, can put the ball down the field. Not a scrambler, more of a pocket guy. Led NC State to beat FSU, big win and showed great clock management at the end.

Zac Dysert out of Miami of Ohio, I'm thinking he'll go around the 4th. I'd consider him there, probably be excited to see him last to round 5. Never honestly watched a game with Miami of Ohio, but I've read a lot of good things about Dysert and he has the size you look for in an NFL Quarterback.

IF I'm going the free agent route, it's harder to predict, don't have any idea who is going to get resigned or whatnot. I like Jason Campbell as a backup, but not someone who could take things over. I would give Brady Quinn a shot at some change in scenery but ultimately, this free agency group is nothing special.

EDIT: I wouldn't mind having Geno Smith, but I really don't foresee him falling and I'm not a fan of trading up in round 1 due to the price.

Feel Real Good:
Bring back Josh Johnson! He never got a fair chance!

3rd String Kicker:

--- Quote from: Feel Real Good ---Bring back Josh Johnson! He never got a fair chance!
--- End quote ---
Didn't he have an EMesque follower lol. Probably not nearly as bad, but I was pretty sure he had one.

Ryan Mallett would absolutely put pressure on Josh...this year. 

I think Moore would be a solid fit


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