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Which Quarterback will the Buccaneers bring in to challenge Josh Freeman ?

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3rd String Kicker:
If I'm drafting a quarterback, I like the following guys,

Mike Glennon out of NC State, but he'll probably get taken in Round 1. I would consider him at round 2, jump on him if he hits round 3. Didn't really have a good supporting cast at NC State, but did well considering. Big size, 6'5 or 6'6ish, can put the ball down the field. Not a scrambler, more of a pocket guy. Led NC State to beat FSU, big win and showed great clock management at the end.

Zac Dysert out of Miami of Ohio, I'm thinking he'll go around the 4th. I'd consider him there, probably be excited to see him last to round 5. Never honestly watched a game with Miami of Ohio, but I've read a lot of good things about Dysert and he has the size you look for in an NFL Quarterback.

IF I'm going the free agent route, it's harder to predict, don't have any idea who is going to get resigned or whatnot. I like Jason Campbell as a backup, but not someone who could take things over. I would give Brady Quinn a shot at some change in scenery but ultimately, this free agency group is nothing special.

EDIT: I wouldn't mind having Geno Smith, but I really don't foresee him falling and I'm not a fan of trading up in round 1 due to the price.

Feel Real Good:
Bring back Josh Johnson! He never got a fair chance!

3rd String Kicker:

--- Quote from: Feel Real Good ---Bring back Josh Johnson! He never got a fair chance!
--- End quote ---
Didn't he have an EMesque follower lol. Probably not nearly as bad, but I was pretty sure he had one.

Ryan Mallett would absolutely put pressure on Josh...this year. 

I think Moore would be a solid fit


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