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--- Quote from: Benn17 on February 08, 2013, 02:51:03 PM ---i'd be happy if we took the guard chance warmack

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to play him where?

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I believe in two years Warmack will be an elite player at his position. He reminds me of Pouncey when he came out in 2010. I always felt Joesph was overrated and would not be sad if we moved him for a draft pick

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Comparing Warmack to any of the Pouncey brothers is an insult to Warmack. That is how talented he is. I think if positional value wasn't such a big issue, Warmack possibly rated as the best talent in this draft as there are no holes in his game.

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Well, I guess they weren't overly worried about positional value last year, taking Barron 7th. I would support the Warmack pick if he is whom they consider BPA. Maybe they could use Davin for a bargaining chip to move back up. Man, I love the draft..

Maurkice Pouncey would be fairly high on the league's most overrated players list, atleast according PFF.   Bucs do have a ton of money already locked up in the oline so I think Smith is just too expensive.  Joseph is paid too much but he's not awful, he'll be our best pulling guard for sure.  The way I see it, if we were to try and unload Joseph and draft Warmack or Cooper we'd improve our oline but we then we lose an opportunity to address another position as well.  I'd rather keep Joseph and use our 1st to improve another area i.e. Richardson, Eifert, Jarvis Jones.  Warmack will be an awesome guard though.


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