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Blizzard highlights looming game of Super Bowl roulette

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--- Quote from: Morgan on February 12, 2013, 07:00:59 PM ---Seems like every winter we hear of major snow storms hitting the NE. Thousands of flights get cancelled.  The difference between a SB and the conference championship would be a ton of news, radio, TV media show up for the SB. Having flights cancelled and roadways blocked would be a major show stopper.

Even the Tampa Bay Lightning had a game postponed until April due to weather up there.

Really hope it happens in 2014 to teach the NFL a lesson to leave a good thing alone.

--- End quote ---

Buffalo & New England are 2 places to stay away from if your worried about the snow. New York and Philly I wouldn't worry about it much.  Those storms move by the year it seems too...There was one year Washington got nailed with the snow and up this way we barely got anything, that was 3/4 years ago.

I think Baltimore would be and awesome city to host a superbowl...though from what I know parking is horrible, but the harbor would be cool hang out for the superbowl weekend.

The NFL will have an extensive contingency plan in place to account for bad weather : a possible Saturday start or delaying the game a few days if necessary.

Remember that this in the event that New Jersey got hit by a megastorm. Last year NJ got some snow before Halloween and then didn't get any snow all season. Totally random panic. Why this didn't dawn on the NFL before is odd.


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