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3rd String Kicker:
Revis Table of Contents

Page 01 - 10 .......... The Hell Naw Phase
Page 11 - 14 .......... 49ers Lose Interest
Page 15 - 17 .......... Keyshawn said soemone should trade for him...
Page 17 - 18 .......... Mark Barron, Not a Baller?
Page 18 - 23 .......... Revis Support Pouring In
Page 23 - 26 .......... Revis to the Falcons?
Page 27 - 29 .......... Revis to SF or ATL?
Page 29 - 33 .......... Mah Sources
Page 34 - 36 .......... Leverage Game
Page 36 - 43 .......... Fake Revis Tweet & ICB
Page 44 - 56 .......... The Revis Report is born
Page 56 - 62 .......... Alternatives to Revis?
Page 62 - 68 .......... Rumors Swirl as Free Agency Begins
Page 69 - 82 .......... Free Agency Panic!
Page 83 - 89 .......... What happened in NY?
Page 90 - 95 .......... Goldson Signs
Page 96 - 119 ......... Expensive, Damaged Goods and Doubts
Page 120 - 127 ...... Leverage Game Again
Page 128 - 130 ...... Patriots after Revis?
Page 131 - 141 ...... Back & Forth Nonesense
Page 141 - 147 ...... Boid strikes the NYJ Boards
Page 148 - 152 ...... Sanchez WITH Revis?
Page 152 - 155 ...... Eric Wright Loses Grievance
Page 155 - 161 ..... Elvis
Page 162 - 183 .... The Mysterious Source and some Back & Forth
Page 183 - 200 .... 'Calm' Before the Storm


--- Quote from: JDouble on March 12, 2013, 04:30:58 PM ---Can you imagine......Nicks and Jackson....then Revis and Goldson......
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--- Quote from: leeroybuc93 on March 13, 2013, 05:56:35 PM ---91 pages for a guy we're not going to get.
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--- Quote from: 3rd String Kicker on March 13, 2013, 10:35:31 PM ---Hell want 15-16 million. Lol. That's a lot of McDoubles
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--- Quote from: Boid Fink on March 13, 2013, 10:48:45 PM ---Going to call it now. And when I do this it is written in stone. Revis will never be a Buc. Time to move on now gents. (I have never been wrong when I say that.)
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--- Quote from: Durango 95 on March 14, 2013, 11:05:49 PM ---

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--- Quote from: youngone on March 15, 2013, 07:29:22 PM ---Adding an all pro safety and the best corner in the game.. I would call that a smashing success.

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Blueprint for a new Darrelle Revis contract

What will the star cornerback’s next contract look like? The NFP takes you inside the numbers.

Joel Corry

February 05, 2013, 04:00 PM EST..


 Most of the recent Darrelle Revis trade speculation has focused on the teams that might be interested in the Pro Bowl cornerback and the draft choices or players the New York Jets could receive in return. How to deal with his contract has been largely ignored.
Revis’ desire to become the NFL’s highest paid defensive player while recovering from a torn left anterior cruciate ligament in a contract year when he can’t be given a franchise tag is the biggest obstacle to a trade. There will be teams with the salary cap space to handle his $6 million 2013 salary that will be hesitant to make a trade knowing he could be a one-year acquisition because of his 2014 free agency. Interested teams will want Revis to sign a new contract but will be reluctant to meet his contract demands without knowing whether he is still a shutdown cornerback.
This dilemma can be solved provided that Revis agrees to a contract structure he wouldn’t consider under ordinary circumstances. Revis could have control of the process similar to being a free agent by giving the Jets a few teams where he would be accommodating with his new contract in a trade. He would initially forego a huge signing bonus and other forms of guaranteed compensation while his new team wouldn’t incur any significant 2013 cap consequences other than absorbing his 2013 salary.

Have we seen the last of Darrelle Revis in a Jets uniform?
Revis’ 2013 salary would remain the same but incentives could be added to his 2013 contract year as an inducement for him to accept this kind of contract. Any 2013 incentives with higher thresholds than Revis’ 2012 statistical achievements would be classified as not likely to be earned (NLTBE) and wouldn’t count towards the 2013 cap. Since Revis played in just two games, intercepted one pass with one return yard and only had 8.53% playtime, his triggers for NLTBEs are extremely low. The actual thresholds in his NLTBEs would be much higher but realistically achievable with a successful recovery from his knee injury.
The 2014 contract year would contain an extremely large base salary that becomes fully guaranteed if Revis is on the acquiring team’s roster shortly after next season’s Super Bowl. The remaining contract years would have significant base salaries where some of these years would have the same guarantee date as in the 2014 contract year.
The 2014 contract year would also contain a clause that allows the team to convert a portion of his base salary into a signing bonus during a designated period prior to the end of the 2013 league year. This type of clause was frequently used in the contracts of high first-round picks (Matt Ryan, JaMarcus Russell, Ndamukong Suh, etc.) before the new Collective Bargaining Agreement implemented a rookie wage scale. Revis’ rookie contract contained such a clause. He had a $5.7 million first day of the league year NLTBE roster bonus in 2009 where the Jets had conversion rights. Additionally, some lucrative veteran contracts, such as Albert Haynesworth’s 2009 deal with the Washington Redskins, have had similar clauses.
To put this contract in better perspective, below is chart illustrating its structure.

Revis wouldn’t have anything to lose with this contract structure. From a practical standpoint, it’s unlikely that he would get a similar deal on the open market if his new team released him because his performance probably wouldn’t justify one. If released, the early guarantee date would give Revis a head start on free agency. It would put him in a better position than if he played out his current contract which would make him an unrestricted free agent at the start of the 2014 league year.
The conversion right would give the team cap management flexibility if they went forward with the deal because the signing bonus is prorated over the life of a contract for a maximum of five years. It’s likely that the team would reduce Revis’ 2014 cap number by converting some portion into a signing bonus since it would be difficult to carry a $25 million cap number for him. As a reference point, Tom Brady has the NFL’s largest 2013 cap number at $21.8 million.
Revis would be required to sign a new contract, which is referred to as a “supersede contract,” reflecting how much of his $25 million 2014 base salary was converted to a signing bonus. This supersede contract would also cover the remaining contract years and incorporate the material terms and conditions of Revis’ initial contract with the new team.
The following chart breaks down his supersede contract with $20 million converted into a signing bonus.

Revis’ five-year extension would be better than Mario Williams’ six-year deal with the Buffalo Bills in key contract measures. His deal would contain $53.25 million in guarantees while Williams, who is the NFL’s highest paid defensive player, has $50 million in guarantees. $39 million of Revis’ contract would be fully guaranteed with the additional $14.25 million guaranteed for injury before the start of the 2014 league year. Williams had $24.9 million of his contract fully guaranteed at signing. The $53.25 million over the first three new years of Revis’ deal would be $250,000 more than Williams’ first three years of compensation. Revis’ $16.5 million average per year would also eclipse Williams’ $16 million average per year.
A voidable sixth year at $17.5 million could be added if it’s important for Revis to characterize his deal as a $100 million contract. Michael Vick’s 2011 contract with the Philadelphia Eagles contained a sixth year at $20 million for that purpose. It voided because Vick’s 2011 playtime exceeded 35%.
This conceptual framework would also be applicable to the Jets if they decided to keep Revis long term. The cap numbers during the 2013 through 2016 contract years would be $3 million more than the cap numbers in the charts because of proration from the $18 million option bonus Revis received in his 2010 renegotiated contract.
Revis can’t be traded until March 12th when the 2013 league year begins. If he is going to be dealt, it should happen pretty quickly because his contract contains a $1 million roster bonus payable on the fifth day of the league year (March 16th). After the circus atmosphere of the 2012 season, the Jets should want to avoid the Revis situation potentially becoming as big of a distraction as acquiring Tim Tebow caused.

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We're not in the position to benefit from a trade for Revis...this team is still a few years out from Playoff contention and Revis will be out of the NFL by then. Our picks are better spent on young CBs coming out of college with potential to develop.

Let's be honest here...Revis is no Ronde Barber...

The Anti-Java:

--- Quote from: BFT+C on February 10, 2013, 12:40:04 AM ---We're not in the position to benefit from a trade for Revis...this team is still a few years out from Playoff contention and Revis will be out of the NFL by then. Our picks are better spent on young CBs coming out of college with potential to develop.

Let's be honest here...Revis is no Ronde Barber...

--- End quote ---

Agree 100%.   The guy is coming off a serious injury, and for the cash you would have to shell out for him, you could sign 2 or 3 other players.

I'd be happy as hell if we landed revis. He's a shut down corner that would improve the pass defense a great deal, and fill a few extra seats on game day.

People's math is also off if we're figuring the bucs in this. If the bucs somehow bring him in, dom would frontload and bonus the crap out of his contract anyway. Within two seasons his cap would probably be slightly higher than average, so big deal IMO.

The only thing that would make the cornerback situation even better, is if they could draft banks for the other side.

I think Revis would do for the defense what VJax did for the offense.  A better pass defense and we would have been in the playoffs this past year.  I would love to see us bring in Revis, an older vet that won't break the bank (like Trufant) plus a rookie from one of the first 3 rounds in the draft to learn behind them.

As much as Id be okay to bring in Revis assuming hes ready to go, I feel like his cost (new contract not included) will be WAY too much. He would definitely be an upgrade over what we have, but the Jets are probly asking for AT LEAST a 1st rounder and then some. Not sure I like those terms......Now if we could sucker them into taking Wright, Blount, and a mid round pick (our extra 4th maybe), I say make the trade, but thats not likely......Although this is the team that traded for Tebow, so who know, it could happen.

i think we are playoffs ready...and id certainly give up a first for revis.  but 25mil?  walk away.  sprint away.  that is beyond ridiculous.

Boid Fink:
Nobody is going to give him 25 mil. Nobody.

Dolorous Jason:


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