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I've had a lot of spare time at work the last couple of nights, and have spent way too much time looking at various mocks across the internet.  One of the things I've noticed is that other than Joeckel, there are no consensus top five picks.  I've seen just about every other player slotted to or after our 13th pick somewhere.  For instance,'s mocks have us taking Werner, Moore, Rhodes, or Fluker. has us taking Milliner or Moore.  Drafttek has us selecting Lotulelei.'s mocks have us selecting Banks or Trufant.  McShay and Kiper have us taking Moore and Te'o.  Many of these same drafts have us passing on Jarvis Jones, Richardson, or Floyd.  I know it's early in the draft process and things will look a lot clearer next week, but I don't ever remember a draft with this much disagreement with who the top picks are.  Who do you want to slip if there are a run on QB's or for any other reason?  Feel free add any other names like Dion Jordan, Eric Fisher, or Berkevious Mingo.

with the questins now surrounding Bowers I think we really need to focus on D end in the first...I am almost positive that we will sign a CB on FA, hoping for Smith or Cox...If Werner falls I hope we run our pick to the Podium

The Anti-Java:
I was surprised to hear Mayock say Werner might fall out of the top 10.

So if he or Milliner was sitting there at #13.....good times.

Depending on what happens with resigning Bennett and Bowers (unfortunately probably won't have a resolution by the draft), I would agree with Werner.  If we do sign Bennett, a FA CB or 2, and the Bucs feel comfortable that Bowers won't be incarcerated, then I would go with Jones.  He would fill a whole at SAM, and add much needed pass rush to boot.  I still want to see a pass rush on 3rd and long consisting of Jones, Clayborn, McCoy, Bennett, and Bowers.  Unfortunately the chances of that are getting bleaker and bleaker.

The Anti-Java:
I think after Monday's news.....Bowers all but assured Bennett remains a Buc.


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