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Bucs Won't Franchise Bennett

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Per several twitter guys the Bucs will let him test FA. I assume that basically means they will let him walk because someone will overpay.

Boid Fink:
While the Bucs are without much in terms of pass rush, I agree that the Bucs should not vastly overpay for his services. But they should make an offer that is worthwhile.

Give him what he wants and bring in his brother.

Boid Fink:

--- Quote from: zsmith22 on February 22, 2013, 06:25:16 PM ---Give him what he wants and bring in his brother.

--- End quote ---
Real heady stuff right here.

Yeah...back up the Brinks truck boys.  ::)

I wonder what Rosenhaus opening number was?

I'm curious, cince there was no link in the OP.....who are "twitter guys"?

First good decision of the offseason...hope to see many more.

Found this:

@NFLSTROUD: Bucs won't use the franchise or transition tag on any player, including DE Michael Bennett, who led the team in sacks, GM Mark Dominik says

@NFLSTROUD: Dominik met with Bennett's agent, Drew Rosenhaus on Friday. Team still is interested at re-signing Bennett, but he's likely to hit FA

@NFLSTROUD: Dominik said he believes Da'Quan Bowers can be a 'premier,' left defensive end in the NFL and expects him to have a bigger role in 2013

@NFLSTROUD: “The more we can get him on the football field, I think the better we are as a football team,'' -- Dominik siad of Bowers. .

Stroud was the first of them:

Rick Stroud ‏@NFLSTROUD

Dominik: "We’re not going to use the franchise or transition tag on any player on our roster.''

Was on the tablet and cut n paste is harder there. Figured more places would have it.


I don't think it is much of a surprise that they aren't going to franchise him. It wasn't expected was it? They still have a few weeks to work out a deal though.

Still think the transition tag is the best option. Allows him to talk to other teams, but we get the chance to match any offer before he can sign with another team.


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