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15 years and counting...ZERO defensive stars acquired

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Since the 1997 draft when Ronde Barber was drafted in the 3rd round, this organization has failed with astonishing ineptitude to acquire defensive playmakers. Simeon Rice is the only real argument otherwise. With players like Jermaine Phillips, Tanard Jackson, Booger McFarland and Aqib Talib being the best our collective brain trust, spanning 4 different regimes and 3 different GMs, has come up with otherwise. Very few realize this, as perception has been skewed due to the longtime dominance of this defense thanks to all time greats Brooks, Sapp, Lynch, and Barber and several other solid acquisitions in the mid 90s (Nickerson, Ahonatu, Quarles, Abraham, Kelly) along with a defensive scheme that allowed for certain deficiencies in talent to be overlooked. Truth is for as many top 10 seasons this defense has had since 1997 the talent evaluators and those in charge of building and constructing this team  have failed miserably at adding splash players to this defense for a long, LONG time now.

 So when does it end? Last year the offense made strides acquiring talent that few ever thought theyd see in this town. Targeting great players that have plenty of years left in them and we all can say will spend those years in Tampa. Much work has been done in the drafts under Dominik to add real offensive talent as well

When does the defense get better?

With the potential that Bowers, Wright, and Bennett never play another down here and the departure of Talib midseason, what does this defense really look like? A roster full of CBs that could get cut from here and never be signed to another team again. A secondary that includes a potentially average at best free safety with no wheels in Ronde. A strong safety that I can barely remember his name because it was called so few times last year, if it werent for his name being spelled out on the back of his jersey where the camera was usually focused when he was in picture I'm afraid I wouldnt know.

Clayborn, McCoy, Foster and David are just names to me right now. String together 2-3 seasons of staying on the field and playing consistently and we'll re-examine, but with the ineptitude thats been shown by this front office time and time again I refuse to fully back any of those 4 guys as foundations for an organization to build a defense around as of now.

This defense has had a miserable pass rush as a whole since 2005. It's had not ONE player that anyone would consider a pass rushing "threat" since 2005. It's had no real playmakers. No enforcers. Nobody who physically dominates the game. Lavonte David and Clayborn show that potential more than any, but neither of them has really ever stood out to me as of yet as guys that wreak havoc and are to be game planned against or the focus of anyones attention.

Im just asking for one player. Just one. Someone on defense that we can look at as a guy other teams dont wanna play against. Sure it would be great for that to be someone in the front 7 who punishes people at the line of scrimmage. But a safety who owns the field or a CB who locks down his side would be just as suitable.

Just PLEASE, bring in someone, ANYONE!

The Anti-Java:
Gerald has been that guy for one season anyway.

Ahhhh the offseason..


9 sacks in 3 NFL seasons, and 24 sacks since HIGH SCHOOL, and finishing 2 out of 3 years on IR. Thats not a star. Hes doesnt physically dominate the game. He hasnt displayed consistency in his ability on the field, or his ability to stay on the field

He was very solid last year, not great. Pro Bowl nominations are a joke and always have been so that argument means nothing.

When on the field Clayborn displays more consistent dominance than McCoy.

As of NOW, McCoy is Booger McFarland 2.0 and if you argue otherwise youre kidding yourself

For the sake of argument lets say I agree about McCoy, you just proved my argument for me. The ONLY argument you can come up with for stars that have been acquired in the past 15 years outside of Simeon Rice, is Gerald McCoy. You made a better argument in 1 pic than I did in several paragraphs. Thanks BIggs


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