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: March 23, 2013, 12:29:02 AM

NFL Free Agency: Top Cornerbacks Still Available

March 22, 2013      

By Mike Kerns

With almost two weeks of free agency in the books and most of the big names off the board, now is the time where a shrewd general manager really fills in his team; the bargain signing. With the market set and plenty of proven guys taking one year prove it deals, the board will begin to thin out soon. But there are still plenty of bargains out there at all positions. Were going to start today with the cornerback position and where they might end up.

Nnamdi Asomugha, Eagles
It always seems funny how the biggest offseason acquisition is the biggest roster cut just two years later. Teams were falling over themselves to lock up Asomugha, who was regarded as the best lock down corner in the league, just two years ago. But after two seasons in Philly, hes unemployed and two weeks into free agency, all reports are pretty quiet on him. Hes 32, but Im one of those who believe it was just a bad fit for him with the Eagles and he could still be a hell of an addition to a defense that would use him right. He has visited the Saints and 49ers, but no deals were reached.
Possible Landing Spots: San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington

Brent Grimes, Falcons
At 30 years old and coming off of an Achilles tear, itll be tough for Grimes to reach any more than a one year deal with a team. He has visited with Cleveland and has drawn interest from Miami, Tampa and a return to the Falcons is always possible. Miami will likely offer the most money with the way that Jeff Ireland has been spending at a more alarming rate than the government, but hell prefer years over money.
Possible Landing Spots: Miami, Atlanta, Tampa

DeAngelo Hall, Redskins
To this day, it still amazes me how much teams continue to pay for DeAngelo Hall. He has talent, sure, but hes one of the biggest knuckleheads in the league for a guy who is pretty overrated. He will make you some plays with his risk taking style, but hell get you more than enough penalties to make up for it. I think the guy is a cancer and Id pay him to stay away from my team, but its a premium position and someone will pay the man.
Possible Landing Spots: New York Jets, Miami, Philadelphia

Mike Jenkins, Cowboys
Every time I think that Mike Jenkins is going to put it all together and become a solid NFL starter, he finds some way to mess it all up. When the Cowboys say they have zero interest to bring you back, you really must be a head case. Some coach might look at his ability and think they can turn his career around, but at 28, the window is closing fast.
Possible Landing Spots: Miami, Oakland, Cincinnati  

Jacob Lacey, Lions

For teams still looking for a nickel guy, Lacey could be a cheap and solid addition late in free agency. He struggled as a starter, but he was very good after making the switch. Hes only 26 and with the market pretty low on nickel guys (Brice McCain only got around $2 million guaranteed from Houston) this could be one of those under the radar moves that get looked at as genius later this season.
Possible Landing Spots: Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia

At such a premium position in this league, Im surprised there are still even a handful of starting caliber corners left. The ones not listed above are mostly older players who can provide leadership and depth, but their starting days may be behind them. Antoine Winfield, Sheldon Brown, Terrence Newman and Quentin Jammer would all be great veteran guys to bring in and mentor younger guys.
There are bargains out there to be made, for sure. The question is if a players ego will allow them to play for below their value instead of opting for early retirement.

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