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« #120 : March 22, 2014, 09:52:59 AM »

Everybody should pass on him, he's not an NFL QB.   Average speed is the thing people dont seem to understand.  Everybody has an image of this kid running all over the place but he won't, I repeat, won't be able to do that in the NFL.  He's not a pocket passer and he's short and he has very average arm strength.  It's not 1975 where you can get away with being a little slow moving around.  RGIII has world class speed and you see how well that has served him in the league.

 I agree, he could be a huge bust, but I don't like any of the top rated QBs



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« #121 : March 22, 2014, 09:54:28 AM »

You're knocking him for taking advantage of his receiver's ability. That is beyond stupid. Sorry. Maybe he should've stopped Coach Sumlin from recruiting bigger receivers. You do realize that QBs throw the ball to other players right? Should he not throw jump balls to VJ or Mike Williams because it would make him look good? Letting your playmakers make plays is part of the game.

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« #122 : March 22, 2014, 11:27:19 AM »

Myself, I just don't see 3 guys from Texas A&M going in the first 10 picks. Matthews, Evans and Manziel. Somebody is gonna get left out.. 


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« #123 : March 22, 2014, 11:51:09 AM »

Manziel has to be the pick if he's there imo. As Beatles said, he could be a bust but it is so worth the risk.

If  he's a bust, then he is not worth the risk.  The only way the risk is worth it is if he's a success and others that we could have had at any position dont have as big an impact on their team's success.


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« #124 : April 10, 2014, 10:07:12 PM »


“Lovie Smith and Jason Licht Love Johnny Manziel. Love Love Love”

You hear a quote like that and it opens your eyes.

Lance Zierlein is a sports talk host in Houston, TX and is co-owner of TheSidelineView.com. His father, Larry Zierlein, has been coaching since 1970 and was in the NFL from 2001-2009, most recently with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Lance Zierlein is a well respected draft analyst and is often quoted on multiple websites including rotoworld.com.

During a recent podcast, the Buccaneers became a topic of discussion. After discussing the Bucs off-season moves, Zierlein got into the Bucs apparent infatuation with Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel.

“Lovie Smith and Jason Licht love Johnny Manziel…love love love,” Zierlein said during his weekly podcast. “Lovie was there at his pro day, and he was there for Mike Evans as well, but I know that Lovie Smith loves Johnny Manziel.”

Zierlein, along with the other hosts on the podcast all said that they were surprised by this news, but Zierlein said he believed his source fully.

“I’ve been told that if Manziel makes it to seven, he won’t get past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Zierlein continued. “They think that highly of him.”

The podcast gets into the Bucs around the 25:00 mark.

Zierlein did make a valid point relating to his father. He said that when his father sat out of football for a year, he picked up tendencies that he would not have thought of while coaching. Zierlein also pointed to former Bears GM Jerry Angelo, whom he said told Zierlein that he was extremely high on Manziel

and that the only reason he was so high on Manziel was because he was away from the game a little bit and realized where the game is heading.

Lovie Smith sat out of the NFL last season, and the assumption on the podcast, was that Lovie realized that he can still win with defense while also trying to score on offense.

If Lovie Smith and Jason Licht are “in love” with Johnny Manziel, the question remains as to whether Manziel falls to the Bucs with the 7th overall pick.

Follow Justin Pawlowski on twitter @Commishonline for updates on the NFL Draft and the Bucs.

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