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Boston marathon terrorist attack?

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@katz: Boston scanner: "Incendiary device" possible at JFK Library. Advising people to get away immediately.
@Fara1: Police officer near Boston Marathon finish line: 'There are secondary devices that have been found and are unexploded.'
@YourAnonNews Boston EMS/police/fire saying they need ppl on social media to let ppl stuck in bars & restaurants to know a street sweep is happening@911BUFF: BOSTON: BREAKING NEWS - POLICE ON SCENE REPORTING ANOTHER DEVICE FOUND IN FRONT OF MANDARIN HOTEL. EVACUATIONS IN PROGRESS. #911BUFF
@JackieBrunoNECN: I saw people's legs blown off. Horrific. Two explosions. Runners were coming in and saw unspeakable horror.

Wow. Wonder who is behind this one. Really sad we live in this type of world.

We will find out and kill who ever did this, but for now our thoughts and prayers should be with the dead and wounded. A horrible event that will once again change our lives.

This could be a rogue attack by a lone person. This was pretty badly done and most of the bombs were found before they exploded. Police blew the one up themselves.

@TimWilliamsCBS: #BREAKINGNEWS: AP reporter says Newtown families were in the VIP section right by the explosion.

So sad. Really don't know what to say.


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