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Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds has updated his 2013 Bucs 7-round mock draft of 2013. Who will be Tampa Bay’s first pick? How many cornerbacks will the Bucs draft? Get the answers right here.

Please stop with the J.J. Watt comparison. Hunt is nowhere close to the technician Watt was coming into the league. Its just an awful comparison to make. Hunt is a raw football player, Watt is an experienced 3 year DE prospect coming into the league. And Hunt is already, like 26 years old. I'd be PO'd if we wasted a pick because that guy is a bag of rocks in the NFL.

Also think taking a SLB in the third round is a waste. It's a 2-down position for the most part and picking kinda early in the third, Tampa could find an impact player across the defensive line to split reps with McCoy who played wayyyyyy to many snaps last year.

I like it, only gripe would be not picking up a DT.

I like the LB Sio Moore and RB Christine Michael picks.   We don't need another project TE - our roster is full of them.  If they take him, its because he goes undrafted IMO.

I wish we had more 2nd round picks because there will be a lot of talent still available.  I'm not sure I want to risk a lone 2nd rounder on a 26 yr/old project.

Skull and Bones:
Like some of the picks but not all.  But I do understand they are trying to project who the Bucs will select and they have shown interest in these guys.


--- Quote from: XFactor on April 23, 2013, 08:24:57 AM ---I like it, only gripe would be not picking up a DT.

--- End quote ---

This is basically how I feel.

Only thing I'd change is fitting in a 3tech DT as it's one of the more important positions.  Would probably sub the Sio selection for that.  SLB really isn't THAT big of a need/an importance and I'd say someone like Watson/Casillas is more than capable.

Maybe throw in Sean Renfree at the end?

But Margus Hunt is who I think is the main target with that second one way or another...I think PR nailed that...

If not him, then Kawann Short or even Tank Carradine if he drops.

This mock makes me want to cry.

I listened to the play by play guy from Texas A&M and when they asked him about Christine Michael, he didn't give him praise. Definitely some character concerns. I would much rather have Lattimore.

Skull and Bones:
What about Mike Gillislee as a mid round RB pick?

Boid Fink:
Lattimore will be gone I think.

Some team is going to roll the dice on this kid. His rehab was ridiculous, and he looks like he might be back.


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