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Glennon is a legitimate threat to Freeman PERIOD!

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To all of those people saying Glennon is a Freeman clone, you clearly have not watched any film on him. I have watched all of the available film I can find on Glennon and IMO the only thing Freeman can do better is scramble. I know Freeman has more experience but, I tell you what, he better watch his back because Glennon will be there ready to take over if he falters. The accuracy comparisons are also a joke. Iv'e included a link here of the NC State vs North Carolina game to give you an idea of his accuracy. He had at least 8 dropped passes which hurt his percentage and he put the ball right on the numbers most of the time with a few exceptions and also made a few incredible passes that very few QB's can make. Freeman cannot hit the broad side of a barn if he's standing right in front of it. IMO Glennon has a better arm, a quicker release, a higher pro style release, has better pocket awareness, better field vision and his upside is through the roof. Freeman wants to guide the ball and throws side arm too much which affects his accuracy. I am really excited about this pick. This was a smart move regardless of other needs.

glennon homer or troll?

this cant be for real.

Not a threat to him this year.

Not this year unless freeman struggles.

Welcome to the boards, Mike!


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