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On Thursday what I feel is the best TV show of the past decade comes to an end. It's gone a bit downhill without Michael Scott, but I still enjoy watching it. I'm hoping MS makes an appearance in the finale, it would only be right. There are rumors he will be in it but that could just be hype to get as many viewers as possible to tune in.

With Rainn's spinoff not getting picked up I'm wondering if any other cast members from The Office will attempt their own spinoff. The obvious choice would be the Jim/Pam story line, but I think people are a bit over that...I know I am. A movie would be interesting, it could turn out brutally bad but I'd still go see it regardless.


--- Quote from: Escobar06 on May 14, 2013, 09:09:57 PM ---I'm hoping MS makes an appearance in the finale, it would only be right.

--- End quote ---

He's gotta be in it.  I know he's in the little "pre game" thing they are doing, but he's gotta be there for the Documentary.

One of the best shows of the last decade definitely imo. It'll be sad to see it go, but it's time. It has been pretty damn funny the last few episodes though. I love Jim and Dwight's relationship with Dwight as boss but also Jim's assistant.

Absolutely fantastic series finale. I'll miss you The Office!!

I thought it was a perfect return for Michael Scott, especially his opening line. Overall I thought the episode was decent, nothing spectacular, but it's almost impossible to wrap up such a great show in just one episode. Seinfeld, my second favorite show, is widely known as having a pretty poor series finale, and I did think The Office had a better one. Cheesy I know but my only change would have been to have Michael join the crew back up in the office near the end, I thought that would have been very fitting to have them all back up there one last time. Hopefully The Farm gets picked up eventually, the character of Dwight Schrute is just too good to not be on TV.


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