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Who has the biggest arm in the NFL today?

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NFL's biggest arm? Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford in the mix

Published:  May 16, 2013 at 04:36 p.m.


New Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace waxed poetic about Ryan Tannehill and his "cannon" arm during an interview with the Miami Herald earlier this week. But one comment raised some eyebrows: "Ryan may be able to throw the ball a little farther than Ben."

Yes, that's Ben, as in Ben Roethlisberger -- Wallace's old QB with the Pittsburgh Steelers and one of the best vertical passers in the game today. Strong words. But this is fitting, in a conversation about strong arms.

Let's broaden out the topic to the entire league: Who has the biggest arm in the NFL today?

Daniel Jeremiah
Rodgers has owned NFL's best arm for a while

 To me, it's Aaron Rodgers. I think the Green Bay Packers quarterback has been the answer to this question the past few years. The ball jumps off his hands a little different than anyone else's. His velocity, and his ability to accurately command such velocity, put Rodgers at the very top of this list.

In terms of historical perspective, I have a hard time putting anyone in the class of Dan Marino. The best arm I ever scouted? JaMarcus Russell. He had a hose.

Steve Wyche
Players believe Freeman packs biggest cannon

 There are plenty of big-armed guys out there: Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton. One guy who doesn't get talked about too much, though -- except when his fellow players are mentioning his name to me -- is Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman.

Freeman clearly can make all the throws when his mechanics are on point (which isn't always the case). Numerous guys have told me that when the ball leaves his hand, it's like a missile being blasted from a launcher. For Freeman, who is entering a contract year in 2013, he needs to make ideal use of his arm, improve on last season and lead the increasingly stacked Bucs to the playoffs.

Charley Casserly
Stafford has arm to make all the throws

 My vote goes to Matthew Stafford. I think the Detroit Lions quarterback has the strongest arm in the NFL. Stafford can make all the throws. He can hit the deep out, flat-footed, better than anybody in the game.

Ryan Tannehill has a good arm, but it's not as strong as Stafford's. Ben Roethlisberger is the best quarterback in the NFL at moving in the pocket and hitting the deep ball. But Stafford still has the stronger arm.

Gregg Rosenthal
Cutler boasts the game's best fastball

For pure "I can throw the ball faster than you can," I'll roll with Jay Cutler. He gets extra points for throwing said fastball from strange positions, under pressure.

I thought about Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers. And Colin Kaepernick wins the award for most frighteningly fast pregame warm-up throws.

Jason Smith
There's a reason Brees throws for 5,000 yards a year

 Drew Brees' arm strength amazes me. To think his career was in question at one point because of a shoulder injury, and to see where he is now? It's incredibly impressive. Sure, Jay Cutler and Michael Vick are going to get their due for strong arms, but what sets Brees apart is how he throws his deep ball. There's no one, and I mean no one, who can throw the ball as deep, with these three huge qualities:

1) Velocity: It doesn't look like he throws it very hard with his easy motion, but it gets there just as fast as the other top guns.

 2) Accuracy: There's plenty of guys who can chuck it long and make you say, "Wow, he threw that one 75 yards!" But more often than not, it's a jump ball or it's off target. Brees' ball always seems to arrive in his receiver's arms in the perfect spot.

 3) Catchability: Sometimes it's hard to judge a deep ball because it's too high or it's whistling harder than you think it is. But Brees' passes seem to follow the same trajectory without any variables. His bombs never go off someone's fingertips or get misjudged.

 He's not the classic choice, but there's a reason why he throws for 5,000 yards a year.

Adam Rank
Known for his foot speed, Vick's arm strength also sets him apart

Michael Vick has been viewed by some as the most gifted quarterback in the NFL. Most people focus on his running ability, but to me, he's got one of the biggest arms in the NFL, if not the biggest. (And no, I'm not talking about his fake commercial.)

People have questioned Vick before. Just ask the Washington Redskins, who called him out in 2010. Vick answered by uncorking a bomb on the first play of the game, an 88-yard touchdown to DeSean Jackson. Yes, it was three seasons ago, but it spoke volumes about how talented Vick is on the football field.

No doubt freeman has one of the strongest arms in NFL QBing today.

Not only that, but the guy is pretty accurate with his deep passes statistically speaking.

He's a good QB, that up until recently, as played on either a poor, or inexperianced team, or both. "Do or die" may have came too soon, but it is what it is. Guy gets a lot of slack for a record breaking QB, on the BUCS nonetheless, which are historically giving away good QB's or ruining the one's they do have.

I wish people could see that history is repeating itself a bit here.

I have lots of concerns with Freeman, but arm strength isnt one of them. I honestly do think he has the strongest arm in the league.

Skull and Bones:
Never considered Rodgers to be the strongest arm in the league.  Maybe I'm mistaken but I've never heard that before about him.  Definitely not Brees.  Think some of these guys are mistaking good QB play with arm strength.  I have heard that said about Cutler, Stafford, and Vick(years ago).  Don't think Freeman tops this list but he is probably up there in the top echelon.  Based on pure talent, few are better overall than Freeman.  Has he played up to his god given talent?  No.  But at least it's there so we can all hope. 

Surprised Flacco wasn't on this list.

That ball Josh threw to VJ last year for the tying TD against the Panthers was one of the hardest throws I've seen. Not sure how far the ball traveled, i'd guess about 25-30 yards, but literally was on a dead line and never dropped an inch of height. Amazing.


--- Quote from: BucNY on May 17, 2013, 07:53:39 AM ---That ball Josh threw to VJ last year for the tying TD against the Panthers was one of the hardest throws I've seen. Not sure how far the ball traveled, i'd guess about 25-30 yards, but literally was on a dead line and never dropped an inch of height. Amazing.

--- End quote ---


I was at that game and I agree, that was the hardest throw I've ever witnessed. 

    How not ONE of these "analysts" could totally leave Flacco out of the conversation negates any accuracy this thread may have had. Sheeesh.... I agree with much of what was said, especially Vick, whose arm strength rarely gets mentioned. And when I see "big", I take it to mean "strongest", not "best", or "most catchable", or whatever. Based on the analysts comments included by the OP, he took it to mean "best"...
    An aside; 40+ years ago, big arms were a rarity in the NFL. as more $$$ is available to college programs and the NFL, more and more bigger kids are getting better "professional-level" training and becoming more athletic and coordinated than in years past, able to deal with all the subtle nuances of playing QB in the NFL.
    Show the $$$, and they will come...

Boid Fink:
Tom Brady overthrew Randy Moss in the Superbowl V. The Gmen.

Have you ever seen that?  That. Ball fricken saaaailed.

I was mad at this... until I realized Glennon hasn't signed, yet.


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