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Contract numbers on Tampa Bay rookies

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Contract numbers on Tampa Bay rookies

 May, 16, 2013

By Pat Yasinskas |

The numbers are in on the four draft picks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed.
Cornerback Johnthan Banks, a second-round choice, and quarterback Mike Glennon, a third-round pick still remain unsigned.

But here’s a look at the deals that have been given to Tampa Bay’s rookies so far:

•Defensive tackle Akeem Spence, a fourth-round pick, received a four-year deal that’s worth $2,644,424. Spence collected a $484,424 signing bonus.

•Defensive end William Gholston, a fourth-round pick got a four-year deal worth $2,560,544. Gholston’s deal included a $400,544 signing bonus.

•Defensive end/linebacker Steve Means, a fifth-round pick, got a $191,752 signing bonus on a four-year deal that’s worth $2,351,752.

•Running back Mike James, a sixth-round pick, got a $103,152 signing bonus and his four-year deal is worth $2,263,152.

Amazing how close the contracts are 89 spots, and 2 rounds different and the difference is only .4 Million, with 0.3 of that coming in terms of signing bonus...This new rookie scale is really helping teams/owners our big time!

Uncle Stan:
Subtract the signing bonus and the contracts are all the same 4 year deals.

blind melon:
wondetr why they're written like that?

some contract rule the works for team over the long term?

The Anti-Java:
It sure the hell beats the days of throwing money away.

Ryan Leaf..............31mil    11 guaranteed

Jamarcus..............61mil.....32 guaranteed

Ki Jana Carter  .   19mil.......7 guaranteed

The new slotting rules are working, but some guys are getting hosed.  Like for instance, Russell Wilson is making 700K  a year.  And the 4 year deal can't be reworked until after year 3.

Same for Richard Sherman, he will make 555K this seaon, while Revis pulls in 16mil.


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