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Contract numbers on Tampa Bay rookies



Contract numbers on Tampa Bay rookies

 May, 16, 2013

By Pat Yasinskas |

The numbers are in on the four draft picks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed.
Cornerback Johnthan Banks, a second-round choice, and quarterback Mike Glennon, a third-round pick still remain unsigned.

But here’s a look at the deals that have been given to Tampa Bay’s rookies so far:

•Defensive tackle Akeem Spence, a fourth-round pick, received a four-year deal that’s worth $2,644,424. Spence collected a $484,424 signing bonus.

•Defensive end William Gholston, a fourth-round pick got a four-year deal worth $2,560,544. Gholston’s deal included a $400,544 signing bonus.

•Defensive end/linebacker Steve Means, a fifth-round pick, got a $191,752 signing bonus on a four-year deal that’s worth $2,351,752.

•Running back Mike James, a sixth-round pick, got a $103,152 signing bonus and his four-year deal is worth $2,263,152.

Amazing how close the contracts are 89 spots, and 2 rounds different and the difference is only .4 Million, with 0.3 of that coming in terms of signing bonus...This new rookie scale is really helping teams/owners our big time!

Uncle Stan:
Subtract the signing bonus and the contracts are all the same 4 year deals.

blind melon:
wondetr why they're written like that?

some contract rule the works for team over the long term?

The Anti-Java:
It sure the hell beats the days of throwing money away.

Ryan Leaf..............31mil    11 guaranteed

Jamarcus..............61mil.....32 guaranteed

Ki Jana Carter  .   19mil.......7 guaranteed

The new slotting rules are working, but some guys are getting hosed.  Like for instance, Russell Wilson is making 700K  a year.  And the 4 year deal can't be reworked until after year 3.

Same for Richard Sherman, he will make 555K this seaon, while Revis pulls in 16mil.

Uncle Stan:
Updating a previous report, the Houston Texans have signed LB Trevardo Williams to a four-year deal worth $2.567 million. The deal includes a $407,712 signing bonus.

Another 4 year deal that nets out to $2,160M for 4 years.

Is this some new magic number for 4 year deals for 4th-6th round picks?

It just goes to show what a good attitude, hard work and genetics can give you a great start in life. They have no student debt and a nice little graduation bonus to pay cash for cars and home. now all they need is for the NFL to pay for their health insurance the rest of their lives and they will really be set. I think NFL players can pay for their own health insurance.

Uncle Stan - Actually its the letter of the law in the CBA - under Article VII Rookie Compensation and Rookie Compensation Pool, Section 3 Rookie Contracts, Subsection A its states the following:

--- Quote ---(a) Contract Length. Every Rookie Contract shall have a fixed and unalter-able contract length: (i) four years for Rookies selected in the first round of the Draft, with a Club option for a fifth year as described in Section 7 below; (ii) four years for Rookies selected in rounds two through seven of the Draft (including any compensatory draft selections); and (iii) three years for Undrafted Rookies.
--- End quote ---

Under the old CBA - Article XVII, Entering Player Pool, Section 5 Rookie Player Contract Length stated the following;

--- Quote ---

 The initial Player Contract of a Rookie, including any Club option, may not exceed four (4) years in length, except that the initial Player Contract of a Rookie drafted with a selection in the first half of the first round (e.g., the first sixteen (16) of thirty-two (32) selections in the 2006 Draft), including any Club option, may not exceed six (6) years in length, and the initial Player Contract of a Rookie drafted with a selection in the second half of the first round, including any Club option, may not exceed five (5) years in length.
--- End quote ---

The difference between the current CBA and the old one for a rookies contract is set in stone the actual length that a contract can be. The old CBA allowed teams in the first round to either have no more then 6 or 5 years in length depending on portion of the round selected, and that players in rounds 2-7 could not have a deal that was for no more then 4-years, But the vague language allowed for teams to offer less then a four year deal, which many teams did, by signing late round picks to 3-year deals and undrafted rookie free agents to 2-year deals.

Now there is a hardline stance on the exact number of years a deal can be and has to be. Hopefully that clears some things up as to the structure of contract length.

blind melon:
There must be an agreed upon $ number for draftee's in all rounds.   

Blind - there actually is a mathematical equation based on the amount that the actual cap increase the rookie pool or slotted contracts for drafted rookies increase - it percentage points though - so unless the cap jumps significantly rookies drafted this year will only make roughly 1.3% more then what rookies drafted in 2012 made and so-on-and so-forth.


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