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Powerball now up to $600 million

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Am I in the extreme minority in thinking that that's just too much money to win? Talk about becoming an instant target for all kinds of schemes. Give me 10-20 million and I'm good, winning over 200 million after taxes just sounds like trouble waiting to happen.

I am, however, going to buy a single ticket. I'm hoping nobody wins for the next drawing or two, I want to see the first billion dollar pot.

$10mil or $500mil....same to me!

I think if you bought one lotto ticket for every ridiculous post of yours you'd have a pretty good shot at winning. If you bought one for every deleted post the odds wouldn't be much worse.

I got all excited when I read Publix in Florida. Then I read Tampa. Dammit! Didn't get even so much as a single number.

Skull and Bones:
If I win I'm buying controlling interest in a NFL team and hiring Gruden as HC and I'm making myself GM.  I'm drafting norhing but ballers.  Tebow won't have to worry about having to play in Canada or Arena League. 


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