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The Official 'OBAMA Dropped the Ball on Syria' Thread

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"Red Line in the Sand" clearly meant...... nothing-- pretty much like everything else Owebama says.

Who announces "stepped up" U.S. involvement in Syria... via"white house staff"?? (Because he's so afraid of a sound bite being used against him in 10 months)
The Syria rebels have already lost, thanks to Russia & Hezzbollah's involvement.
Obama, so afraid to become a george bush in the mideast, waited way too long and only ACTED because of former President Bill Clinton's critical comments.

Obama = wuss

Edit: Today on Charlie Rose, when asked to explain his "policy", he shim shammed an unreadable answer.

Bottom line: he waited too long and now there's NO WAY the U.S. will do anything major/ against the actions/will of Russia, Iran, Hezzbollah.  Now the bad guys know that all they have to do is ACT TOGETHER, and the U.S. can't do a thing (that means Israel will be their 'target' in the not-too distant future)....


This was a huge loss of a great opportunity for the USA.

Lord Bortles:

--- Quote from: ClassAct on June 18, 2013, 05:45:51 PM ---This was a huge loss of a great opportunity for the USA.

--- End quote ---

Yes, we should have backed Assad against these religious fundamentalists.

The Rebels will get some support, but extensive background checks, phone tapping, email raiding, internet mining, and some drone surveillance has to come first.............Oh hell, I forgot, that's just for us U.S. citizens.


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