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 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013 preseason roster roundup: Receiving Core

July 14, 2013

by Trevor Sikkema

Position          1st String                 2nd String                  3rd String

TE               Luke Stocker            Tom Crabtree               Zach Miller

LWR           Vincent Jackson       Kevin Ogletree             Chris Owusu

RWR           Mike Williams          Tiquan Underwood       David Douglas

(Image from USA Today Sports)

Q: Name the last Bucs player to record 1,000-yards receiving in back-to-back seasons.

A: Joey Galloway

Q: In franchise history, how many Bucs player(s) have ever recorded 1,000-yards recieving in back-to-back seasons.

A: Two

(Bonus: Name them — one is a freebee)

(Joey Galloway and Keyshawn Johnson)

Q: In what season did the Bucs have two 1,000-yard receivers.

A: ………………….. You are correct!

Vincent Jackson (LWR):

In his first season with Tampa, Jackson was able to record his fourth 1,000-yard season — also his best. His ability to stretch the field vertically not only opened up the passing game, but opened up the running game as well. He was a constant deep threat on play action, while demanding double-looks on all routes within the 10-yard line. All of that said, Jackson is leading us to believe he’s just getting started.

Right now I’m focusing on this offseason program… It’s about us being efficient, and getting as much done as we can… We try to be as balanced as possible and once we get clicking, we’ll be hard to stop… I’m just trying to be a professional every day… I don’t want to be good, I want to be great, and when you bring that energy every day other guys feed off that.

Mike Williams (RWR):

Williams was just four yards shy of answering that last question we had with the year 2012 — Williams had 996 receiving yards in 2012. Coming into his fourth year in the NFL, Williams put unnecessary woes to rest about potential contract worries. He seems to have the right mindset going into training camp and that is: his production on the field.

I’m learning a lot. Main thing is I’m working my routes, and I can play in the slot now… Same offense, same people… now people (Bucs players) know it.

Kevin Ogletree (LWR):

The Bucs acquired slot receiver Kevin Ogletree this offseason after playing his first four seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. With Dallas always mixing up their receivers, Ogletree didn’t get as much solid playing time as he would have liked, which bodes well for Tampa. Ogletree had his best season last year with 32 catches, 436 yards and four touchdowns. He gets a fresh start in Tampa and with the No. 3 spot up for grabs, he has the chance to jump right in.

“When we were investigating wide receivers in free agency, we saw a guy who was productive. Maybe it wasn’t over the total overall span of the season, but when he was in there we thought he did really good things. I think he’s really coming on, he’s understanding our scheme and he’s a guy that I think will help us. I think there’s great competition there. He can play both inside and outside, which makes him a versatile guy.”

- Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Greg Schiano

Tiquan Underwood (RWR):

Underwood can bring more to Tampa’s offense than just having the best hair in the NFL — seriously, let me Google that for you. He had Ogletree-like stats in 2012 with 28 catches, 425 yards and two touchdowns as the Bucs No. 3 receiver. It’s not that they’re kicking Underwood out — he’ll compete with Ogleetree — but he has the uphill battle to consistently stay on the field.

Luke Stocker (TE):

Stocker gets his first crack at being the team’s starting TE going into 2013; he sat behind Kellen Winslow in 2011 and Dallas Clark in 2012. Stocker’s abilities are, so far, limited, but as long has he can prove to have reliable hands with solid blocking mechanics, he’ll see the majority of tight end time.

Tom Crabtree (TE):

I’ll preface Crabtree’s summary with this: he caught passes from Aaron Rodgers for the past three seasons, and with that, you have my attention. He’s been limited to special teams and backup roles for the majority of his career, and I think he’ll have those same roles starting out in Tampa. However, with Stocker’s job no where near solidified, Crabtree could see a lot of red zone opportunities to go along with his special teams playing time.



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When do we get a post on the receiving corps?

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