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: August 05, 2013, 11:26:37 AM

This list obviously isn't for Madden 25 next gen, but this should be the goal of the next gen Madden.

Smarter A.I.
One of the biggest problems with Madden is the A.I. whether it is the play calling or just too easy in general. You have to use sliders otherwise you win every game. All Madden it seems the computer has to cheat to sort of level the playing field, but even then with not much success. I want to feel as though I actually gave it my all and earned the win. Sometimes I find myself holding back a lot so the game will be more competitive and realistic. The A.I. needs to call smarter plays and based on the situations. The A.I. needs to be able to react as fast as a can react.

Make the teams play true to life. Coaches have tendencies in real life, so they should in Madden. The CPU should have a gameplan going into the game based on their personnel and their opponent that week. This means who you pick as your coach and coordinators actually are important and make an impact on the game. Maybe add a playbook lock feature in CC options. Meaning if you are the Packers you are locked into the coaches playbook. This way the coaches you choose matters more. Of course you would have the option to turn this off. We see Peyton Manning and others call out audibles at the line and so should the CPU based on the situation and the quarterback. Add more traits and make them actually mean something. Make the players FEEL and ACT different.

Better replay camera angles, more camera angles and more realistic camera angles. More stat overlays. I can't stress stat overlays enough. We see so many stat overlays throughout a real life broadcast. This season stats, last season and their career stats. Make the stat overlays more situational and realistic to the situation. If a quarterback has to make a game winning drive we should see a stat overlay telling us how many game winning drives he has in his career, this season and last season. A real half time show. Even something as simple as what the other football game did many years ago. Ideally this would we would see a couple guys in the studio talking a little about the game and maybe even show some highlights around the league. Stat overlays for your game, real time scores for other games going on in your league and highlights from your game so far. A weekly wrap show implemented like the half time show above. With more details like injuries around the league, who's hot, who's cold. The scores from around the league and highlights from the weekends best games with commentary.

I know commentary is an aspect of presentation, but I feel it needs its own section. Make commentary dynamic to the situation and the players. If somebody is in a slump have some banter about that. If a player has been hot then some banter about that. If a player is a rising star or has been improving I want to know about that. NAMES, I want to hear the players names. I don't hear the quarterback steps back to pass. I want to hear his name. Bring life to the commentary and authenticity to the game.

Connected Franchise
With the ability to create coaches we should have the ability to create our own playbook from scratch. Set a gameplan with that playbook based on the type of offense and defense we are playing against. Smarter A.I. trade logic. I don't want to see the CPU trading a 1st round pick for a mediocre quarterback just because that have a need at that position. Better signing logic. The CPU needs to take into account it's needs now and potential needs later. They need to be smarter about what needs they address now and what needs they can address later. More realistic drafting by the CPU. Add in press conferences like in the NBA Assocation mode. Press conferences whether you chose owner, player, or coach. After every game have one. Whether it impact the franchise or not it would still feel realistic.

This is obviously the most important part of Madden that needs to be addressed. Gameplay needs MUCH more variety in almost every aspect of the gameplay. We need more tackle animations. It seems like there is only about 10 different animations and it gets very stale very quick seeing the same ones over and over. More throwing motions done better and more consistently. Add in running styles and running motions. In the next gen videos I noticed there is still sliding and suction blocking. That needs to be fixed this coming generation. More swim moves and better OL/DL interaction. I can go on and on about the gameplay, but I'm sure we all have voiced our concerns enough about it.

Ratings NEED to mean something and matter in Madden. Get rid of the overall rating or fix the CPU logic on depth chart management. Ratings need to be far more spread out than they are right now. It doesn't seem to matter if you lose your 90 overall player and have a 70 overall player take his place. They seem perform pretty about the same. Star players stand out much more than just an average player and Madden needs to replicate that. I want to feel heart broken if I lose my star 90 overall guy because I know I have to rely on an average player now. It needs to make an impact and it needs to matter. Losing as it is right now doesn't hurt the team one bit. Make it mean something, make it matter.


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#1 : August 05, 2013, 01:04:00 PM

More Importantly

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#2 : August 06, 2013, 09:56:29 AM

My next gen wish is..EA quits making Madden games or loses exclusive rights and 2k comes back into the football scene.

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#3 : August 06, 2013, 11:52:55 AM

Less twitchy animations.

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