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10 team h2h standard scoring

QB- Stafford
RB- Gore
RB/WR= Monte Ball
WR- B Marsh
WR- Randall Cobb
TE- Greg Olsen
D- Rams
K- Crosby
B- Demarco Murray
B- Desean Jackson
B- Mike Williams
B- Deandre Hopkins
B- Jordan Cameron
B- Josh Freeman
B- Johnathan Franklin

Any moves you guys think I need to make? Thanks for the input in advance!

Nice team, especially at WR.  Good depth!

Thank im a little nervous having ball and murray as my 3rd rb's. gonna try to make a deal to bring in reggie bush

That's a good plan.   Also, pray that Stafford stays healthy and doesn't miss significant time.  It's tough to get a solid backup in a 10 teamer.  Freeman has such boom/bust potential on any given week in fantasy.

Im banking on stafford stayin healthy and the contract year pushing free.


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