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What are your projections for MJD this season?


WC-Bucs fan:
I pick at 10, and 15 overall in my 12 team league. At 10 I plan on going whoever is left from Spiller, McCoy, Rice, Richardson, but at 15 I am strongly considering MJD. Other guys in that ADP area include Steven Jackson, Matt Forte, CJ2K. I know I'm talking myself into this, but I really think MJD is going to have 300 carries for 1300 yards, 40 catches for 300, and around 10 tds. That would be a huge year for a 2nd round RB. What do you guys think?

I see a nice season for mjd. IMO Gabbert will improve as will the offense as a whole. Mjd is still going to be their horse

WC-Bucs fan:
Thanks for the input, do you think he can outscore guys like SJax, Forte, Ridley, CJ2K? I'm taking it, pewter report doesn't get much traffic on his fantasy football page.

I might be in the minority, but to me S JAX is a terrible proposition... lots of pundits are calling him a 2RB, but IMO he's not even going to be the top back for the Goons this season (Quiz will). CJ2K and Forte vs. MJD is a tough call though; the former are going to get lots of love in their respective, new offenses.

I'd stay away from MJD in a money league.

New offense which is fast paced.

Coming off long-term injury.

Plays RB for a team with very few offensive threats.

I'm thinking 900 yards and 8 TD if healthy but I'd go Ridley or Forte first if available.


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