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Brandon Graham?

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An idea from the Grantland football podcast.  Brandon Graham is a better fit for a 4-3 D, won't be a starter for the eagles in their 3-4 and they do have some depth at rush OLB.  Since we're hurting for a pass rusher I'd say it's definitely worth a 4th rounder and maybe a 3rd?  Thoughts.  I realize that these types of trades don't happen much but he sure could help. 

I believe Bucs had scouts at their 1st or 2nd preseason game. He hasn't lived up to where he was picked, but I wouldn't mind him.

All Eyez on Me:
Man i would luv 2 c that trade as long as we dont have to give up much. We need QB killaz and this dude was at the blue M.

According to PFF he was one of the league's most efficient pass rushers, despite limited snaps.   

The Anomaly:
We have Trevor Scott.  No one else is needed.


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