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Getting destroyed by a FCS school.  ???

Mr. Milich:
Watching the game right now. Not a good night for the Bulls.

But, the selection of Taggart was the right move.

Holtz destroyed this team. I know first hand his recruiting sucked.

Next week Michigan State. ???

Al Bundy:
Man.. we're going to kill at the end of November.

Matt Floyd was horrible. 3 turnovers and a snapped punt out the back of the endzone give 23 points to MSU in about 5 minutes. After that you could see players giving up. Coach T won't like that. Rome wasn't built in a day. As sad as this was and as embarrassing as this least it can't get much worse. Skip destroyed this team and Coach T has to build this thing from the ground up. We have 3 QBs and none are any good and without a QB who's at least aren't going to win much. This is going to be a long season, but we lay the foundation here and now. I am still on that bus with Coach T. It may be a long ride...and we may be at the bottom of the mountain today...but onward and upward from here.

Mr. Milich:
Matt Floyd is the only High School QB that Skip Holtz managed to sign & bring to the team in 3 years.

I despise what that miserable bastard did to this program.

Skip Holtz is the devil.


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