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Getting destroyed by a FCS school.  ???

Watching the game right now. Not a good night for the Bulls.

But, the selection of Taggart was the right move.

Holtz destroyed this team. I know first hand his recruiting sucked.

Next week Michigan State. ???

Man.. we're going to kill at the end of November.

Matt Floyd was horrible. 3 turnovers and a snapped punt out the back of the endzone give 23 points to MSU in about 5 minutes. After that you could see players giving up. Coach T won't like that. Rome wasn't built in a day. As sad as this was and as embarrassing as this least it can't get much worse. Skip destroyed this team and Coach T has to build this thing from the ground up. We have 3 QBs and none are any good and without a QB who's at least aren't going to win much. This is going to be a long season, but we lay the foundation here and now. I am still on that bus with Coach T. It may be a long ride...and we may be at the bottom of the mountain today...but onward and upward from here.

Matt Floyd is the only High School QB that Skip Holtz managed to sign & bring to the team in 3 years.

I despise what that miserable bastard did to this program.

Skip Holtz is the devil.

Really, really bad loss for the program.


--- Quote from: Biggs3535 on September 01, 2013, 11:12:48 AM ---Really, really bad loss for the program.

--- End quote ---

Well, not a good start, let's put it that way.  Trying to keep it in perspective, it's just the first game for the new coach. I believe he'll right the ship. I hope to see them get better as the season rolls on. It just ticks me off how Holtz left the cupbard so bare. As we all know there is so much talent at the HS level just in the Bay area alone. It's almost inexplicable how he could have done so badly. Yea, there are more teams in the area competing for talent then there was before. But he inherted a decent program w/ a decent name. He should have been able to do much better than he did bringing in good players.

Yea, I know, I'm repeating myself,  but it just burns my ass.  >:(

Jim Leavitt,  what is your current employment status?

We just got curb stomped by McNancy State. Please help.


Interesting trivia-

22: Years since an FBS team lost by a bigger margin to an FCS team after South Florida was thrashed by McNeese State 53-21 on Saturday. Boise State, then in FCS, beat Long Beach State, which was then in FBS (Big West Conference), 48-14 in 1991. Long Beach's program was dropped after that season. Boise moved to FBS in 1996.

Looks like this is the year everyone will realize why USF dropped the UCF series only to be forced by conference expansion to have it renewed.

Like other USF fans suggest I do believe it will take time but USF will be back after some serious rebuilding.   How did Aaron Lynch do?

back to UCF ..... lolz


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