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12 team league, standard scoring:

QB - Sam Bradford (urk)
RB - Adrian Peterson
RB - Chris Johnson
WR - Brandon Marshall
WR - Hakeem Nicks
TE - Antonio Gates (it's still 2009, right?)
Flex - Darren Sproles
K - Mason Crosby (meh)
DEF - Tampa (gotta have a homer pick, even if it kills me)

RB - Giovani Bernard
WR - Mike Wallace
WR - Tavon Austin
RB - Shane Vereen
TE - Cameron Jordan
WR - Justin Blackmon

I obviously waited way, way, way too long to draft a QB.  I needed to pay more attention to the number of people who were doubling up at the position in the first four rounds.  Crosby's uninsipring, but he's a kicker.  So whatever.  Blackmon was my last pick.  Frankly, the available QBs were bad enough that comparable players should be available on the waiver wire.  I'm not even vaguely attached to him, but I can afford to stash him on my bench until his suspension is over. 

Wallace vs. Nicks is my one big uncertainty lineup-wise.

WC-Bucs fan:
I'd start Nicks as long as he is healthy. RB is stacked, WR is stacked if you just start 2 every week, it's just the QB spot is going to hurt you a lot this year.

Yeah, I'm pretty much hoping that one of those extra RBs or WRs blows things up early and I manage to work out a trade for a better QB.  As is, I'm very much kicking myself for having done the "I'm not thrilled with the available options, I'll wait until next time around to take my QB.  One of the one's I'm looking at should still be there." thing far too many times.  Since I'd drafted first, I needed to make more allowances for *just* how long I had between picks.

WC-Bucs fan:
If you are starting Bradford, that means someone has Vick or Luck as a backup. I'd think about trading Nicks for their backup qb. You can roll with Wallace for 4 weeks, and I think Blackmon will have a good year when he comes back.

Oddly enough, Luck is starting for one of the teams in the league.  And I'm just not thrilled with Vick.  Right now, I'm looking at the team that has both Newton and Ryan.  That team has serious issues outside of QB (their owner may have hit the wrong button during the draft and accidentally drafted Hernandez), so they may be looking to even things out a bit.  But they're also my week 1 team, so I assume he's not going to want to help me out before our game.

Agree on the QB, that is going to kill ya. 9ers, Seahawks twice a season is tough and the Cardinals have one of the better Pass defenses in the league.
If you cant work out a trade id pick up Freeman. Kind of a hard decision on who you would drop though that is a strong bench.


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