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Question for week one


At flex: Golden Tate or Giovani Benard?

My two RBs are Adrian Peterson and Demarco Murray

And WRs are VJax, Roddy White, and Eric Decker.

Standard scoring league.

Ron Swanson:
I'd go with Golden Tate. they play the Panthers, which isnt the best pass D. Tate will be one of the main options and I dont think anyone knows how much action Benard.

Thanks that's what I was thinking

I'd play it safe with Tate week one, BGE is set to start over Benard but that won't last long.

WC-Bucs fan:
I'd go Tate.    For my flex in standard scoring  Eddie Lacy @ SF, or Jordy Nelson @ SF. I have Finley, and my opponent has Rodgers, if that makes a difference.

I would go with Nelson in that case.


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