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MY FF draft.


I'd like to know what others think. Keep in mind, I'm not much of a homer when it comes to FF and this was in an auction style draft with only 200 credits to use.

QB - Tom Brady
QB2- josh Freeman
RB1 - Chris Johnson
Wr1 - Andre Johnson
Wr2 - juilo Jones
Flex - Danny amendola or mike williams (depending on defenses)
Defense - 49ers
Kicker - justin tucker (Baltimore)

WC-Bucs fan:
How many teams?


--- Quote from: WC-Bucs fan on September 05, 2013, 01:43:04 AM ---How many teams?

--- End quote ---

12 players.

QBs - A
RBs - C   (I like CJ this year but don't love him and don't like MJD that much this year.)
WRs - A
TE - ??
Def - A  (I don't like the first week matchup but after that they only play three upper echelon offenses the rest of the season)

Overall pretty strong team, would be pretty happy if that was my staring team.


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