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While it is just one game I believe this song is quite appropriate!   :P

he certainly looked impressive.  its amazing that FSU can continue to pump out 1st round QB's yet replace them with better options.  it'll be interesting to see if he can maintain a high level of play.

interesting how we used him.  i figured due to his inexperience we would run more with wild & free and stay conservative. instead we used the no huddle more than we have in years and winston was slinging it all around.  i like that the offense isn't scaled back for him. 

Already better than EJ Manuel.

I like the video and agree with what you want to indicate with this video.
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What is truly amazing is due to Winston's play he is already being treated by the media like he was a 5th year senior.  Thought it was rather ironic when the announcer of the Nevada game was bemoaning the fact that Nevada was forced to bring in a RS Freshman QB making his first start in Division One.  Obviously, the irony in his statement was unnoticed by anyone in the broadcast since Winston was only making his second start as a RS Freshman.  Also, the attempt to point out after throwing his first interception and perhaps in attempt to pour some water on the fire, it was inferred that WInston's performance was a bit less than the Pitt game...Of course after that WInston had 13 straight completions actually surpassing the amount of completions in a row at Pitt. :o

I do believe Winston will have that inevitable bad performance but so far he really has exceeded or matched his hype.  On another subject what did everyone think of Karlos Williams performance as a RB?

its nice to see Los finally get some pt and make an impact.  He should have made the switch to offense years ago.  That said, I'm surprised he gets carries over Freeman and Wilder.  I figured when he switched sides we'd utiize him in sort of a specialist type role:  jet sweeps, reverses, bubble and tunnel screens, etc.  That is where IMO he could do the most damage.  Not lined up in the I formation banging away between the tackles.  i know he has home-run ability but to maximize that we need to get him in space.  Let Wild & Free split the regular carries.  Those two were really under utilized yesterday IMO and Jimbo could help Winston and our green defense by leaning a bit more on the ground game. 

WInston has been better than advertised but if our D continues to play like this we are going to have to win some shootouts this year. I know its nit-picky but we need to do a better job of getting the RBs involved to control the clock. WInston is going to have his freshman moments too(eventually). We can make it easier on him, especially against better teams, if Wilder and Freeman would get more carries.  Yesterday Jimbo allowed Winston to stand back there and sling it around all day, even late in the 4th qtr with the lead when we needed to slow the game down.  Again, i hate to nit-pick  after scoring 40+ in a road win but how do Wilder and Freeman combine for 15 carries in game that we led by at least 2 scores most of the 2nd half?

Yeah, I'm officially worried about the team's defense.  But man, am I pumped about Winston.


--- Quote from: acacius on September 30, 2013, 09:37:09 AM ---Yeah, I'm officially worried about the team's defense.  But man, am I pumped about Winston.

--- End quote ---

Defense has talent but they are still learning a new defensive philosophy and are too tentative and making dumb  mistakes and forgetting fundamental football.

Ok, now I'm somewhat less concerned about our defense.


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