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you think brissett would be willing to burn his RS and come back?

3 years in and driskell still has no presence in the pocket.  ive seen a lot of fans calling for muschamps and pease's head.  i love muschamp though.  i think it is more of a driskel problem.  which stinks, because without brissett there is no where to turn.  OL was a little disappointing, but certainly did enough to get the win.

when the UF DB ran out of bounds after that last INT all the guys i was with knew we were in trouble.  we needed a defensive score to win the game.  and that is sad.  UF's D looks to be pretty dominant once again, which is nice.

stinks to have a loss to MIA, but UF could very easily run the SEC table and end up in the SECCG.  still a great season if possible.

scary thing is that UF's next QB savior coming in sounds a lot like driskel (and brantley).  all the tools in the world but has been beating up on patsys to pad his stats.  sure hope the new guy isnt paralyzed with pressure.

I doubt they'll only have one loss if Driskell is the QB. He stinks... He plays like a mistake waiting to happen.

 Which of the other big boys in the SEC do they play this year?

Dolorous Jason:
Youngone : LSU , Georgia , South Carolina

Gametime: Driskel can not sense anyone coming from his blind side ...teams know this and bring a lot of blindside blitzes . It's been working. Dude needs to work on his internal clock , if no one is open early use that mobility and just run . His accuracy has been pretty good this year , but nothing but trouble happens for him when he holds the ball too long. He either forces the ball into traffic late or gets sacked from behind and  fumbles.

If he fixes this one part of his game we will when a ton of games because the defense is still sick.

Y'all won't beat LSU and UGA... South Carolina maybe

Dolorous Jason:
With our defense we can be in every game as long as we don't turn the ball over.


Dolorous Jason:
May be a blessing in disguise that Driskel is out for the year.

Tyler Murphy looks decent .

was just going to post the exact same thing.  now murphy definitely had some high school mistakes.  i question his arm strength and accuracy.  but if he doesnt turn the ball over...UF could be the team we thought they should be.  our OL is still underperforming, and i would like to see some kelvin taylor with our other RB's looking less than stellar.  but with our D  all we need is a competent offense.

back to murphy, he just looks much more composed than driskel.  pressure didnt seem to rattle him.  i wasnt able to see the 4th qtr though.

UF is on its way back .... here are some recent comments from the UF fan base...  It almost seems like they didn't like Driskel?

"His QBR of 98.1 is currently #2 in the entire country. Amazing really. And he did it behind an oline that was a mash unit and a three registered drops. Very excited to see us at UK."

"Murphy seems to have had a level of comfort out there that we haven't seen since Tebow left. "

"We've found a QB boys."

"Now that is how an athletic QB should use his talents. I'll repeat...we have our QB."

" the question becomes, how did Murphy NOT win the starting job?"

"And it is WAY too early to declare Tyler to be as much of a gamer as Danny. But Murphy did seem to have that "it" factor in them game yesterday."

"Will he be a Heisman candidate next year?"

"Tyler Murphy... A star is born!"

Dolorous Jason:
Nutty McNutterson still going...


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