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Hey Boid Fink...and all the rest of the Freeman drones

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How about you nock it the **CENSORED** off with this FreeLove **CENSORED** already. He couldn't even beat a limp **CENSORED**ed Jets team and Geno Crybaby Smith.....HE SUCKS.

This team is garbage right now and you all know it....Only players worth a damn are Revis McCoy Williams Martin and Jackson. The rest can go to hell.

You and your try hard FreeLove mumbo jumbo stupid crap is annoying as hell Boid....wake the hell up and realize he is a crap quarterback who has wasted the last 5 years of this damn team.



Its time for anyone other than Freeman really.

I'll take Clausen, Vick or hell, Weeden at this point.

The only place Freeman is taking this team is to the dump.

LMAO...people like you shouldn't be allowed near computers...Next time you have a "thought" do us all a favor and let it go. One person did not lose this game for the Bucs.

There were drops, interceptions, missed blocks, costly penalties...if not for a couple of those penalties, some of those Jets drives aren't continued...just a ton of mistakes all around and some seriously sloppy football. Not sure why some of you expected the first week of regular season to be any different than what we saw in the preseason...they clearly have a ton more work to do...


Freelove baby!  I am with Boid. :)


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