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After week 1, what do you think this teams record will be?

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Al Bundy:
I am going with 4-12. I just don't see them getting any better in the next several weeks. I expect to start this 0-3, I see 3 winnable games, Cardinals at home, Panthers at home and the Bills at home. I expect 30+ point losses at New England, Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle and Detroit and a 20+ point loss at home to the 49ers.


I was expecting about 8-8 before yesterday but after that debacle and considering who our next two games are against..... sadly I'd have to say around 5-11. :( I'm not giving up on this team but they have to show me something before I start getting my hopes up. They looked like crap in the preseason and yesterday was no different.

3rd String Kicker:

--- Quote from: alldaway ---7-9
--- End quote ---

I like this prediction... let me rephrase that... I think this prediction seems accurate... but I don't like it.

I think they just didn't want to get the media in a frenzy going for an undefeated season. . . .

But seriously, Goldson will have a team only meeting, have a come to God talk with the offense,  and I believe we go 3-1 by the bye week.   


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