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This isn't a  I hope we win vs. I want us to lose thread. This is just a thread to keep track of all the bottom teams in this final month of the season.

As of right now, the draft order would be 1. Texans, 2. Rams (for Redskins), 3. Jags, 4. Falcons, 5. Bucs.

So when the Texans beat the Jags this Thursday, there will be 6 teams with 3 wins. (Texans, Jags, Bucs, Redskins, Falcons, and Vikings) and three more with 4 wins (Browns, Raiders, and Bills)

I fully expect us to beat the Bills on Sunday. With that 4th win we could fall back as far as 9th in the draft! :(

If we happen to lose this Sunday, we could be picking as high as #2.

The Redskins and Atlanta play. So one of them HAS to get a 4th win.

Jags play the Bills. So one of them has to get a 4th win.

Pray the Raiders beat the Jets this Sunday, because that is likely the only remaining game they have a chance in.

Vikings almost certainly will lose out and finish 3-13.

Browns could beat the Jets, but that is likely their only winnable game.

Bills have us, Miami, and the they could win a couple.

These last four weeks are going to be very interesting. One win can be the difference between picking top 3 or being out of the top 10 completely.

I'm sure the Buc's will manage to win once more and screw themselves in the draft for no reason. It sucks to want them to lose but sometimes you need to take one (or 4 in this case) for the team.

My prediciton

1st. Vikings 3-13
2nd. Redskins 4-12 (Rams)
3rd. Jags 4-12
4th. Texans 4-12
5th. Browns 4-12
6th. Bucs 5-11
7th. Falcons 5-11
8th. Bills 5-11
9th. Raiders 6-10
10th. Rams 6-10
11th. Titans 6-10
12th. Jets 6-10

Rams looking good with two Top 10 picks!

i really don't think it matters where we pick at this point. Think about it, had we needed a QB then yes it would agree about drafting in the  top 5.  A lot here don't think we need 1st round QB anymore witch i agree and  IMO it's better for us  picking 9 and higher to save us a few dollars.. still land our guy in Watkins outside the top 10 and not have to pay him top 10 money IMO

I don't think we'll take a QB either, but thatdoesn't change the fact that a top 3 pick is valuable. We might be able to trade back from a top 3 pick and pick up one or two high draft picks in return. If we are picking outside the top 10.....that ain't happening. So picking high still holds great importance. Could be the difference between drafting one stud in the 1st round, or drafting two studs in the 1st round.


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