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Could USF lose TWO more times?

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I wanted them to either win out or lose 2 more games, personally.  Go Mountaineers!

USF COULD loose 2 more games, hell they COULD loose the rest of their games.  I believe that is why they still play the games on saturday after the pools have already came out.

Sorry I'm not used to this line of irrational thinking... can someone explain it ??

I really do not understand why they actually play the games.

It is the only five minutes of glory that krazy will have for the season so let him have it.  After all USF really sucks right. ::)  The fret of the big school fans is just showing through.

Right on KRAZY..We do think alot.. I also see them losing 2 more times..

Great Call



The margin between the traditional big teams and the rest is shrinking dramatically.  That is blatantly obvious when the number two-ranked team loses to an unranked team three times in half a season.

The tides are changing; I would have thought even an irrational Notre Damn fan would comprehend that.

USF lost last night but it was a tight game and officiating had a significant bearing on the result.  They were only a 2.5 favorite going into the game so losing by three is no big surprise.


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