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After a quarter+, it looks like Fisher has gotten FSU back to the Bowden days.    Dominant for most/all season, but completely outcoached in the big game(s)

Kudos to Fisher for making major adjustments and keeping the team/Winston's composure.  Two best teams played it out

dark uncle:
agreed, bad gameplan or the team read too many press clippings and didn't understand that they had to actually give effort.  Auburn's defense played out of their minds.  Never seen a team cover FSU's WR's that well.

What a fun game!  Both teams put up a performance worthy of the Champiosnhip game. 


--- Quote from: ranman on January 07, 2014, 01:07:36 AM ---What a fun game!  Both teams put up a performance worthy of the Champiosnhip game.

--- End quote ---


FSU proved that they could win at crunch time and overcame the largest deficit in BCS history to do it. They also set many seasonal records in CFB .    Auburn played their best but this time the clock struck 12 on Cinderella.  Still a great year for Auburn with a most memorable season winning games in ways that will never be forgotten.. 

Interesting BCS results as the SEC went 0-2 while the ACC went 2-0 and hats off to UCF and Louisville for their showings with UCF winning the Fiesta bowl and Louisville drubbing Miami.   I forget what bowl game did Florida play?  Did they win? ;)


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