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2014 NFL Offseason (Free Agency & Trades)

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I was hoping to get this stickied and have everyone contribute any opinions, articles, or rumors there deem worthy. I think it's going to be a big and very important FA period for the Bucs.

I think the most glaring points about this FA class and how it pertains to our roster needs, is that there are no real options at OG or TE, but there are a lot of good options at DE as well as WR depth.

One the o-line, I see two good option at Center. Evan Dietrich-Smith and Alex Mack. Nicks and Joseph are both big question marks, so if we sign Mack, we can move Zuttah back to guard. Evan Dietrich-Smith is another good Center in his prime, and he can also play guard. If Nicks retires and we cut Joseph....we might want to try and sign both of these guys. We'd have to pay them both good money, but it would still be less than what Nicks and Joseph have been costing us,

At DE there is Jared Allen and Justin Tuck. Both are older guys that would probably only last 2 or 3 years.....but that is a lifetime in NFL terms. There is also Greg Hardy, Brian Orakpo, and michael Johnson if we want to go younger. Michael Bennett is a real option as well now that Schiano and Dom are gone. Julius Peppers is not a FA, but his contract balloons to $18M this year and he will almost certainly be cut. He is old and not what he use to be....but he could still be an option for us.

At WR there is nobody to break the bank on, but we already have our #1 and #2 anyways. What we need is a solid #3 as well as better depth at #4 and #5. There are quite a few options. My best fit would be Andre Roberts. Dexter McCluster might be a real possibility considering how much Lovie has stressed the importance of a great kick and punt returner. Devin Hester is there too, but he is 31 and probably not a good signing at this point.

At CB there isn't a lot. I think Peanut Tillman makes a lot of sense. He is getting old and coming off injury, so he won't be too expensive, and he makes a lot of sense. Sam Shields is a great young corner and world be a huge upgrade as our Nickel.

That's about all I got right now. Feel free to share and contribute.

My happiest scenario would be if we dumped Crabtree, Stocker, Davin and Nicks. Rework some deals. Resign Dekoda Watson and Erik Lorig. Trade back in first with Cleveland and in the second round with San Francisco. To acquire Draft 1st round- Austin Seferian Jenkins, 2nd round-  Aaron Donald, 2nd- Zack Martin or Cyril Richardson, 3rd- Jimmy Garappolo, 3rd- Donte Moncrief, 4rd round-  Morgan Moses.

Then sign Alex Mack, Jared Allen and Charles Tillman. You go into season with Glennon and Garappolo battling the QB spot, RB's same, WR better with 3rd rd selection of Moncreif, TE much better now having Seferian Jenkins and Wright. OL Penn, Zuttah, Mack, New G and Dotson with Moses to replace Meredith. DL Allen and Donald to help strengthen line with Clayborn, and McCoy. LB same, and CB now have Revis, Banks and Tillman to go along with safeties. This team with new coaching staff would have me excited and eager to see them play the 2014 season.

1Va bucsfan:
Lovie wants athletes at every position and I think Everson Griffen could be a target. (Familiar with Frazier, young has been asked to play DE,DT and OLB) Allen himself has said all the movin around has hurt Griffens development a little. I'm really hoping for Wesley Woodyard as our MLB and push Foster over to SLB. Fred Davis would be a very good pick up. Jdub another decent center is Fernando Velasco.

Much rather have Griffen than Allen!

1Va bucsfan:
Brad we will probably get killed for saying it but I'm with you!


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