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FSU won't win at Crunch time?

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If they played a good SEC team they wouldn't prevail.   They only played cream puffs when they faced a SEC team they would fold!

FSU facing extreme adversity.. trailing 21-3 late in the 2nd quarter when......

Another Myth destroyed! :D

boy, it was really looking bad for us prior to the fake punt.  interesting & risky play design on the fake (to run a reverse).  normally on a fake you want something north/south to get downfield as quick as possible to pick up the 1st down.  there was a lot of east/west action on that play: blocker takes snap and runs right  then hands it off to Los who was in the slot and had to come all the way  back around. nerve racking to watch that unfold.  as fast as Los is, i felt like that play took forever for him to beat that guy and turn the corner.

Auburn did a superb job stealing signals. That, can never be taken away from them

I don't think it was bad to ask the question "how would FSU deal with a close game/respond to being down on the scoreboard", but to state emphatically that they couldn't do either of the above was just pure stupid anti-FSU drivel.

Obviously, the question was answered.

Of course, it wouldn't have been without the advantage that AU had early.

Defense still wins championships, and AU's defense was downright dreadful.

Without the signal stealing, FSU drops 50.

exactly. however  it does not matter. FSU could have won a million to nothing . or just by 3. at the end of the day, FSU is the national champ. That can never be taken away


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