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It's my wife's birthday.......

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No matter what I do or say, I know I'll always be screwed....all my good intentions will be dramatized and thrown in my face.........................That's why I have the blues.........share your best blues cuts with me today.


Get her a nice vacuum cleaner. It's what they really want.


--- Quote from: Bucfucious on February 10, 2014, 04:10:25 PM ---Get her a nice vacuum cleaner. It's what they really want.

--- End quote ---

That's funny......thanks man, good stuff.....

Check out Derek Trucks playing slide in '93.......He must be 12 and kicking slide azz.......


Not blues, but my all-time favorite classic and this is a good excuse.

Happy birthday to your wife BTW, hope you have a great time.




Not really sure what the hell your talking about but my guess is that if you do less for you're wife, she'll better appreciate what you do. Reset the bar so to speak. Women have a way of forgetting about little things that get done for them and focus on everything they don't have. So for a week or two, stop doing things you've typically done. After making coffee every morning for us without a thank you, i decided to stop making it for a while. After her initial outrage, she started thanking me again. Little appreciation goes a long way.


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