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#195 : May 17, 2014, 12:11:00 PM

I agree this is a DUMB move but in the end its only a story because of who he is.  Cripes, I'd imagine there are people posting on this thread who while in their teens or twenties did far worse than swipe crab legs and/or soda. I can admit it:  I went to FSU and worked at "Club Publix" .  I "forgot" to pay for more than a few subs and when the managers would do inventory we were always worried because we kept stashes of "broken" packages of snacks stashed in the stock room.  In the dorms, we threw water balloons at friends and unsuspecting strangers from the dorm room windows. I  also drank underage, trespassed on private property and got into a few fights in my youth.  Is this a disturbing pattern of behavior?  Was I a young Lex Luthor?  Gimme a break.   Glass houses people.  You grow up and mature.  But he is different because his dumb mistakes make the papers.  He has to learn that the the double whammy of heisman & rape accusation make him the most polarizing figure in college sports.  accordingly he is under a HUGE microscope, especially in the social media age.  focus on school, sports and stop cheating on your girlfriend kid. That's what I'd tell him.  In fact, if i was Jimbo I may take it a step further to just to reign him in and cut down on the media feeding frenzy:

1:  No more social media for Winston.  Delete, FB, instagram, twitter accounts.  Nothing good can come from this kid posting stuff.
2:  Dramatically cut down press access to him.  He doesnt need to talk after every game, especially now during baseball season where he isnt an every day player.  For baseball, I'd limit it to the days he pitches and in football, FSU needs to say no to the media more.  They got cameras on this guy before the game as he walks in, in the lockeroom as he dresses, on the sideline during games , interviewing him on the field afterwards and talking in the post game pc every week.  Not to mention all sorts of  tv specials on him in between.  Cut it way back. 
3:  I dont think he needs a security detail like his dad says, LOL but i dont think its a bad idea to assign some flunkies/GAs to this kid and keep him on a curfew at night and a tight schedule during the day until he earns some trust back.

Good points but I actually think Winston's dads comments though very poorly worded were that FSU and Dad could somehow prepare him for celebrity status or BMOC status when arrived as the highest rated QB recruit in the nation.  Seriously how can anyone teach that? Until you live it how do you prepare?

Even though he acknowledged the travails of Manziel and his party/celebrity life, he didn't realize that there is a huge bulls eye on his head when he arrived at FSU and had such incredible success last season it became even worse.

I think Fisher said it best:  "WHEN YOU BECOME A MAN THE CHILD MUST DIE"    I really think Winston is just a goofy kid that has gotten an incredible indoctrination in the hatred in this world towards the successful that are just waiting for anything that is not considered exemplary behavior.   I don't think we will hear anymore about such incidents.. JMO Lesson learned.


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#196 : May 20, 2014, 09:09:01 AM

"Stealing crab legs, ketchup, illegal usage of a soda machine and discharging a bb gun should all be capital crimes with a minimum of life in prison w/o parole."

-Gator Nation

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