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a few on here will cry, whine, insult others but hey this fits Noah.

karen anderson:
How 'bout you just start threads about your Ducks, you know, Gator Bait?  Like the one poster said, keep it up, Noah feeds off of this & you are a sore loser. And UCLA will go home once again, losers! Go ahead, piss 'em off!

Boid Fink:
Noah is a bit too much for me.  He is more annoying to watch than anything else...

I dunno why, he just gets under my skin.  But he is a scrapper.  And he is annoying.

karen anderson:
He gets the whople team jacked up. and the more they diss him, the hotter he gets!  Gators love him!

Boid Fink:
Noah is annoying.  Period.


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