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No matter how it plays out, its always fun.  Heres to my boys winning another div title

ABuccs Fan:
Make the world a better place....punch a Red Sox fan in the face!!!

Probably won't get interested again in MLB until the Rays can field a competitive team.
Baseball lost me when they went on strike - MLB needs cap rules like the NFL to allow small market teams competitive.

On another totally unrelevant note, did you see the ESPN stat about African American players in MLB. Only 8% now - and in the 1970s it was somewhere in the 25% range.  The sport has really changed over the last decade and is not as popular, IMO, as it was in the 1970s, 1980s.  Whether it has to do with the massive increase in Hispanic players and decrease in AA players is probably not a reason. Is baseball played as much anymore in American communities by kids/teenagers like it once was? I see MLB going downhill over the next decade.

karen anderson:
What do you think the league, comish, etc do when Bonds robs Aaron?


--- Quote from: InChuckyItrust on April 01, 2007, 08:45:43 AM ---BASEBALL IS BACK... finally

--- End quote ---

Thank God the grass is growing down here again.   :P

And Here's my Boys,winning another American League Title

82 games is all I ask for, next year wild card.

karen anderson:
Hey, sombody answer the question. What does the league & the comish do if/when Bonds robs Aaron of the record? I'm sure they'll make sure he doesn't do it on the road.

Nobody knows, there's a chance he won't break it.

*Sigh*...............................yawn.  :-


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