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Tape of the game...


Did anyone here tape the game, DVD (VHS even)?  I was on the road, listening on the radio, and I'd like a copy of it.  I don't have NFL Network, so that does me no good.

I'll pay for the DVD, postage, etc.

Please let me know if you can help me out.

Thanks in advance.

sorry, everyone...bump.

VHS tape?  Do people really still use those things? ???

The NFL network is going to replay the game tonight a 8pm.

TIVO it homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could, I don't have TIVO, and no one I know gets NFL Network.

bttt.  sorry.  If anyone can burn a copy of the game, like I said before, I'll pay.


I have the game on my DVR, I just got a DVD burner and have not had time to figure out how to operate it. Gimmie a few days and I will burn you a charge to PI family members.

VERY MUCH appreciated, VIP.  I'll chime in later in the week, unless you respond before I do.

Thanks again.

I've said this before, but I have every game from 2000-2004 on VHS. Once I get a DVD burner I'll have some real gems for anyone. (Like the Philly playoff game, or the Rams Monday nighters)


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