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ronde bear:
Just got home from work, 2 of my friends said the Orlando Magic announcers said tnoight that A Rod was traded to the Angels

It was an April fools joke man, Steele said it, but it was a joke.

Boid Fink:
A HA HA HA HA !!!!

Give your friends a Pat Burrell

ronde bear:
nah the funny part is both my friends completely fell for it. I just had to convince them it wanst true.

My one friend is a Rays fan and my other one is a Yankees fan. The Rays fan told me that he heard it on the Magic game so he called the Yankees fan to see if he heard anything. The Yankees fan said he must have heard it wrong. So the Rays fan rewinded it and turned the volume up real loud so the Yankees fan could hear it. Then the Rays fan told me he couldnt find anything else about it. This is the news he called and told me 30 minutes ago (I just got off work). I told him he must have heard wrong, I didnt believe it


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