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Ok they looked good, especially Dukes, but what in THEE hell is wrong with our relievers? I knew if we didnt have a 10 run lead, our bullpin would lose it for us. Hopefully this isnt something thats gonna happen more often then not. I guess, its the old, "you get what you pay for" line. Im soo tired of seeing our youthful baseball team lose alot like this.  WOOOSA!! [banghead]

Why would you post this thread considering there's a thread called 'THE OFFICIAL REGULAR SEASON THREAD FOR THE RAYS' all ready posted?

O! Maybe because its already buried? Dont be an asshat. I didnt see it.

I'm not, and buried? It was the 5th thread.

A- Contribute to the thread
B- Nicely redirect me to the proper one

..i will refrain from any bashing..just having a crap day after seeing this product we call closers on our home team.

Ether:'s one of the top two topics, unless you can't read I'm not directing you to something right under your nose.

And Camp / Stokes aren't even our closers. Salas / Reyes are.

*sighs* ::)
When i posted it wasnt in the top two, maybe someone posted in it afterwords? No way! MR/ Closer same crap pitchers. Dont try to bash me, ive been doing it for ages. Im just being nice here

Yes because you're the only Rays fan disappointed with the outcome.

ronde bear:
Yea the bullpen blew it. This has to be expected.

Still those of you who preach that the new ownership is bad and that we shouldve spent money on pitchign are wrong. We have a bunch of talented youg arms in the higher level of our minors. So first of all, why would we sign a FA when we will soon have younger cheaper options with real talent? Secondly, why would we sign FA pitchers when the FA market is inflated right now and this team is more than an 11 mil Gil Meche away from being serious contenders? It would be like putting a band aid on a broken leg.

Think of it this way. Why would the Bucs overpay to sign Leonard Davis to the 50 mil contract he got to play LG, when we have a younger, cheaper, more talented option that will eventually return in Dan Buenning?

ronde bear:
Competitive baseball is on the horizon, as frustrating as it is to hear this, we just need to wait it out another 6 months to 1 year when our pitching is finally ready and then if the Front Office fails to add the missing pieces through FA we can run them out of town


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