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Pet food recall..........


Pet owners be sure to keep an eye on this. We had to put down my cat today, due to kidney failure. The vet had little doubt that this was because of this bull**CENSORED** "tainted food" debacle. She was about 12 years old. I've been fighting the tears at work all day. Why my dad decided to notify me this morning is beyond me..........

Many who have come in contact with her would disagree with me on this one, but she was a great cat. So great, that when I moved out of my parent's house 8 years ago, my dad wouldn't let me take her, and he was never a cat person.

She was a fluffy little princess, and a complete b!tch to EVERYONE, but myself, and my father. I have never seen such loyalty out of a cat. My sometimes wife would buy her toys, and she wouldn't play with them. The only toys that she dug were the little rings that come off of milk cartons. Her and I would play fetch with those damn things for hours at a time. A CAT THAT PLAYED FETCH!! She freaking rocked!!

Oh well, these things happen. As sad as I am to let her go, I know that it would have been worse if it had been my daughter's cat, even though he's a little needy **CENSORED**bag.

R.I.P. Mooshi Kitty........ You will be missed  :'(

karen anderson:
Gee, Matt, I'm so sorry. That would kill me. I lost my cat Smokey last year ar 17 yrs old & he did that milk ring thing, too! Remember, she loved you.

I'm sorry for your loss.  Time heals all.  I lost my cat about a year and a half ago.

Sorry about your kitty matthew.

Sorry about your ban as well.


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