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How do you gameplan for this week? What weakness do you look for in the Giant defense? How do you get to Eli?



First I think Kiffin needs to retrain the boys to tackle, PLEASE stop the arm tackling! Again we need to get the run game going immediately and have some quick 3 and outs on defense, if we can set the tempo of the game and get inside Eli's head then we can have a chance to win. Strahan will be a force and Trueblood will need to be on top of his game to stop him. The OL will need a repeat performance of last week and better. They need to get to the LB's to get our run game moving. It will be tough, but I think the team is getting confidence and can have a chance for a W this week.

defense has to be the difference maker again....bruce will take a LOT of shots, but not as many as the Dallas QB's took...i can see alex smith, clayton, and pittman being our top 3 pass catchers in NY, and a fair bit of improvised scrambling for turnovers and some YAC from clayton & smith along with a solid day from caddy (not easy, did you see julius jones get shut down) is about all we should be prepared to ask for from our O, the defense & special teams has to do the rest. any big offensive plays are virtually a bonus.

if we get behind and abandon the run, we'll look like the cowboys did.  if we stick with the run and protect the ball, this game will look like the bengals game.

but you can't ask bruce to win this one.

if any weakness on the G-Men i think its the secondary, our Oline is going to have their hands full for sure we may  need to spreed them out  with 4 wide and run like the cowboys did. as for  our D , its some bad matchups , Plex is to tall for our CB other then Bolden and our LB are just to slow to keep up with Shocky. I think we lose this one , sorry

Okay - NY's Defense isn't as fast or as good as Philly. Nor is it as good as the Saints (statistically) They will be coming off a short week and have some injuries to nurse on the D-line.

Cowboy's gave NY 4 int's, a saftey, and a fumble - yet still scored 22 points.

Romo - rookie QB - put up 227 yards and 2 TD's - (I know, 3 ints) still, Grad's has better vision, and can move better. Plus, he has been running the team for four weeks (including bye) he will take better care of the pigskin.

Eli struggles against the Tampa 2, up to this point.

However, after all that, it will come down to the same ol thing.....stop the run, have success running the ball, and take care of the ball.

They are weak up the middle defensively so I would just say pound them right up the gut Caddy 30 times.


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